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    White screen while loading saved game in Revelations

    I've been playing Assassin's Creed Revelations on PC without any issues for a while (I'm at more than 80% completion) until today: the game starts, I select my saved game, and after the loading screen with Ezio, I end up with a white screen and I can't do anything else than closing the game with ALT-F4.

    Can you provide some help on how to resolve the issue?

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    seems a corrupted file or save.

    reinstall UPlay , if it didnt work then reinstall the game.

    P.S: make sure to take a backup of your saves, search the forum on their location.
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    Well I reinstalled both the game and uplay, and I still got the white screen :-/

    Maybe I can grab another savefile somewhere. I was at the sequence with old Altair...
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