• Impossible to move/minimize the window without right clicking on the title bar in windowed mode, after losing focus,FIXED
  • UI Issues in 16:9 - LOOKING INTO IT
  • Different frame rate issues, especially in Deep Freeze FIXED
  • SLI/Crossfire configurations really slow LOOKING INTO IT
  • Graphics broken on NVidia laptop GPUs with hybrid integrated graphics FIXED
  • FX ruin the game in Eyefinity and Surround / Problem with ultra wide screen FIXED
  • Game is sluggish when FPS dropped LOOKING INTO IT

Game features

  • Replays Broken FIXED (99.5%)
  • Global leaderboard scores incoherent FIXED
  • Track restart triggers full countdown FIXED
  • Back wheel rotating on the wrong axis / Front tire glitch LOOKING INTO IT – Please keep up the reports
  • Challenges don’t always register correctly LOOKING INTO IT Please keep up the reports
  • Loading times are too long FIXED
  • Buttons feedback switch back to keyboard/mouse type even if just using a controller LOOKING INTO IT (small portion of players impacted)
  • Text color changing from white to green when looking at challenges multiple times from the track selection screen LOOKING INTO IT (low priority)
  • When highlighting a track with no challenges like the Training Program or a Skillgame, you can still press X (or CTRL) and hear the selection sound LOOKING INTO IT (low priority)
  • Mouse cursor visible when using a gamepad LOOKING INTO IT
  • In the Main Menu, pressing X (or CTRL) to close the scrolling text bar will bring out the notifications page NOT A BUG – Press B (or ESC) two times to get back to the main menu.
  • FPS Counter fix for 16:10 resolution. FIXED
  • Wrong checkpoint reset FIXED


"We need more graphic options." >> Now available at patch 0.9.3.

Known issues in 0.9.3 Patch:
- Foliage may not be rendered.
- The game may crash on exit and when selecting a bike.

- The game doesn't run anymore on Windows 8.0 and 8.1. FIXED