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    The Division: Console Social Hub

    This thread is dedicated to The Division: Fans showing there support for which console/system they will be pre-ordering/purchasing the game on. Other thread uses/conversations would be to find like minded console/system owners to exchange/add/request to be friends etc. This is an Unofficial social hub base thread. Looking forward to hearing great feedback from the Massive community.

    1. Be Respectful/Mature
    2. No Console Wars
    3. No Spam
    4. Enjoy!
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    XBOX ONE for me =)
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    Xbox One for me also, might grab it PC too once I actually update my PC
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    Ubi-MoshiMoshi's Avatar Community Representative
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    Xbox One for me too
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    belorey's Avatar Junior Member
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    San Sebastián
    Xbox One for me too (I hope i'll find the game in Spain)
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    Want to be a part of a community of gamers? Check us out.

    Take The Point

    PC, PS4, Xbox One

    We are a gaming community that traces its roots back to the early 2000's with the launch of C&C Renegade. At our height we had north of 1,000 active members across several renegade and CS:S servers. However, as time wore on the game begin to die and the community along with it. We are back again and starting from scratch. To prevent the same thing from happening again we are recruiting staff to manage multiple games so if that game tanks the community will still thrive. We are a community comprised of gamers who are passionate about what we do. We like to play together as a community and have fun doing it. I, river_jester am the manager of the 'The Division' portion of our community.

    Who do we want?:
    We are looking for players that share the same passion for games as we do. Our community ranges from RP'ers to Hardcore gamers, to casual gamers. As long as your passionate and love gaming, you'll fit right in. If you love gaming then why not enjoy it with others who love it as well? As I said before, we are still growing and I am also looking for staff members to help me out. Staff members will help me in all aspects of The Division in making sure that we make one of the best communities for this game. If your interested in being a staff member then make sure you let me know in your reply.

    We are also looking for general staff for our community. (graphic artists, video directors/editors, social media manager, etc)

    Other information:
    - We use mIRC, teamspeak, ventrilo, Skype, and a few other forms of communication.
    - A mic is not needed but VERY highly recommended. (just get one cheap $10-$30)
    - We do not discriminate against race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or age.
    - Maturity is important. if you're young but can be mature like the rest of us then no issues will arise.

    We are also trying to get involved in other games as well. TitanFall, BF4, Watch Dogs, and a host of others games will hopefully be joining the ranks of the community soon. If you would be interested in leading your own branch of a game please get in contact with me so I can get you in touch with the right people to bring your visions to life within the community!

    Our community is full of passionate and fun gamers. We have made sure that our staff is dedicated to creating the best community for gamers everywhere. For this reason, we as Staff members take our roles seriously so we can deliver on our promise to provide a top notice gaming experience to gamers of all ages.

    Contact info:
    -You can contact me by sending me a PM or an email to riverjesters@gmail.com
    -We have a website/forum found here: http://ttp-gaming.net/forums/
    If you do go to our website, you will see a category called The Division (its a work in progress. As the community grows, so will the website)
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    Unsure on which platform I'm going with.

    Right now it's looking like PS4 though. If my memory serves me, XB1 video output is limited to 720p, huge turnoff. Plus PS4 has the pricepoint on M$. Couple that with Micro$oft's terrible customer service & its really looking like PS4.

    The only appealing part of the XB1 are the exclusive titles (namely TitanFall & the next rendition of GoW).

    Oh, and Sony is working on a Virtual Reality addition for the PS4, sooo... that's pretty huge.
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    Xbox one for me. #Hype
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