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What kind of weird next-gen future style are you dealing redlynx? I have to say that I really really hope that the weirdlooking "Biotech" player we get in Beta isn't going to stay with us into Alpha, nor the excruciatingly crappy music on the title screen. This sounds and feels like a throwback to 80's future, and is definitely -not- "next generation". Other than that, I've only played the game for half an hour and it FEELS good, I havent experienced any glitches or bugs yet, it runs a bit slow but that's probably my computers fault

The first thing i thought after picking up the game was, why is this sooo cheesy. I played a lot of Trials HD on the xbox but skipped evo; I'm missing the grittiness of HD a lot. Perhaps some of the DLC i payed for upfront will bring some dirt back into trials.

After spending 7 hours with the game (cheesy or not I love the gameplay), i've noticed a lot of minor bugs, getting stuck in objects or flickering objects, a handful of clipping wheels, I'm not sure if this is supposed to make the game harder or if it is a bug. fmx is a cool addition, lots of weird positions that end with glitched limbs.

Also, I'm not sure whether this game feels 'stiffer' than HD. I remember HD being silky smooth for the most part, Fusion's bike feels more stiff..

Not much else I could really comment on, the available tracks are so easy they can become mindless, please provide lots of diversity in the tracks. The available tracks have interesting aesthetics, well crafted. I'm excited to see track creation mode, some of the moving objects in the levels are pretty cool. Will it be easier to design more complicated objects? I remember HD's editor to be tedious (maybe its just me).

#1 question: why so much cheese?
PS do you want pictures of issues? whats the best kind of feedback to leave?