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    Share your experience with everyone :)

    Don't forget to share your experience with everyone.

    We want to know your feedback, what you like and dislike.

    Also please provide us with such information:
    How do you play? Using Keyboard or Gamepad?
    What are the top settings for your PC, without FPS drop?

    Play, enjoy, share

    Have a nice RIDE

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    nannerdw's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jan 2013
    My Specs:
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 560M
    8 GB Ram
    Intel i7-2630QM 2.0-2.9 GHz
    Wired 360 controller

    My settings:
    Medium Quality Setting
    1280x720, Windowed
    Vsync Off

    Menu navigation. It's very intuitive, and it looks nice.

    Graphics. The new rocks and terrain textures are beautiful.

    Performance is good for the most part. Definitely better than Gold Edition.

    I get a bit of slow-down on Deep Freeze and other tracks with a lot of particle effects on screen, no matter what settings I'm using. Settings for texture and particle quality would be nice.

    Still no water reflections. It looked so nice for the couple of weeks that we had it in Gold Edition, and it barely impacted the performance for me. I was sure the reflections would be coming back in Fusion

    Lots of broken replays
    All of the replays I tried to watch for Balancing Act were broken.

    The challenges don't always register correctly. I had to try the "cannonball into the water" challenge a few times before it would work. I held LT while falling into the water every time, but It only accepted it when I allowed the bike to fall back down a bit before ejecting the rider. If I jumped off the bike right after leaving the ramp, it wouldn't work.

    High-speed wheel glitches are still a problem. I hopped over the red pole at the end of Ski or Ride, and the bike's back wheel got completely embedded in the terrain. I don't remember that ever happening in Evo.
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    TheBlazeJp's Avatar Senior Member
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    Apr 2013
    Played 13 hours straight,
    Streamed it all over at http://www.twitch.tv/theblazejp/profile/pastBroadcasts



    The game runs well I think,
    The only lag I ever experienced was on deep freeze, not sure why.
    I have a good pc so I should be ok, thats all I noticed though.


    It shows people have given an arm and a leg In making the game look stunning,
    And my god does it ever!

    Driving lines

    Good solid lines, they all have good flow to them,
    The only track I didn't like was the one in the easy section that starts with a pillar you have to knock over (physics object)
    All the other tracks seemed to perform really smooth and I enjoyed them alot, Especially shear pressure I think it way called, fusion factory and waterworks are a few standout lines

    There does seem to be alot of physics I noticed, Elevators, Pushers, seesaws, Logs/columns to knock over
    Not sure if this will hurt some flow of tracks but again I like what I've played so far


    -Once today I finished 2nd on a track but it gave me 1st (I was .003 behind), Ill post the screenshot tommorow
    -Tire too bouncy st the start of deep freeze, It feels like the back tire is in the ground too much at the beginning of the track
    -Leaderboards<-- ... Leaderboards!, They are bugged, as of the time stamp on this post i have 70% of the #1s and I'm 27th with 14million less score then #1 last time I checked lol
    -Replays, they constantly brake rarely do I see a replay that doesn't brake down showing the rider crash and the timer still going

    overall I'm giving the beta a 8/10 so far,
    Its SOLID, Just has a few issues I hope are adressed, we don't want the PC side to turn into a repeat of gold!,
    I have faith in you guys @ Redlynx

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    N1.TeaCheR's Avatar Junior Member
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    Mar 2014

    Hey Blaze do you mind posting some pics of all the tracks that are unlocked so far in beta and the ones that will be unlocked on the 5th and 14th thanks , if anyone is faster I wouldn't mind
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    TeriXeri's Avatar Senior Member
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    Mar 2014
    Specs :
    I7-920 @ 2.67 GHz
    AMD HD 5870
    6 GB Ram
    Wired 360 controller


    Game runs great aside from some tracks have frame rate drops when maxed out full screen in 1080p, mainly Deep Freeze framerate drops the most during the snowy particle bits, it runs fine however when I windowed mode it in 1600x900 or 1280x720.


    The new rocks/logs look amazing but metal objects like railings sometimes show some sort of jagged edges even with anti-aliasing,

    Bugs I encountered
    - Replays are often broken (showing the rider bail and lie at the ground, similar to evo)
    - I had a case where I had a time that was 0.003 faster then someone, but I was right below it on ranking.
    - Global Leaderboard scores are widely apart, not sure what causes it, finishing all tracks with goldmedal, most top 50, and doing about half the challenges only gives me like 5 million score but there are others with even 19.9 million.
    - Menu font is odd looking as if its painted letters (especially on bigger numbers) not sure if intended, it's still readable, so a minor issue.
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    I play with a wired Xbox 360 controller, game runs fine at max settings with an HD7850 and 3.4GHz Phenom II Quad Core, with 8GB of RAM. Resolution is 1920x1200.

    Haven't really seen any bugs, except this morning when I tried to play, the game won't get past the loading screen, worked fine yesterday, hopefully it'll fix itself.
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    Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
    Intel i5 3570K
    8 GB RAM
    EVGA GTX 680 2GB (335.23 WHQL drivers)
    256GB SSD + 1.0 TB HDD
    Triple 24" Monitors
    Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

    Want to play at 5900x1080 (bezel corrected triple screen), but unable to due to frame rate and playback speed (even at the lowest of settings). It's really to bad because you got the aspect ratio and on-screen UI display working 100% perfectly for triple screens. This game would be amazing if it the rendering could be optimized to make it playable. So many other graphically intensive games work just fine on my triple screen setup.

    Playing beta now at 1920x1080 at maximum visual settings, never drops off of 60 fps on any level... EXCEPT the first training level. There it drops to 30 or below and at moments will playback slowly.

    No issue with controls or actual game play... it's bang on. Really loving it. Only thing I can complain about is the bike loading screen sometime takes a while to load the image/rendering, and I normally end up not waiting for it to load. Also in the tutorial levels, when you get frozen (to listen to instructions)... there should be some kind of indication that you're frozen, and/or way to skip and drive thru (for experienced players).
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    I am playing with the keyboard, the controlls are good, the performance is good aswell.

    There is a bug in the Keyboard replays though, it doesnt show when you press break (still thank you very much for adding those )

    When you restart a track, it sometimes shows the whole cooldown before starting (should be ready, go usually).
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    Windows 7 x64 SP1
    Intel i5-2500k 3.3GHz
    8GB RAM
    Asus GTX 570 1280MB. Driver 334.89
    64GB SSD
    Xbox360 wireless controller.

    The game/graphics performance is very good. Running at highest settings at 1920x1200 resolution. Vsync on. All smooth, no fps drops except for this one part in "Turbine Terror" track (second turbine falling/collapsing, when you ride thru the fog there). Slight framerate slowdown there.
    About antialiasing I wish there was more options like MSAA and CSAA x2,x4, x8 etc. As it is now I notice jagged edges with the current antialiasing.
    Anisotropic filtering options would be nice too.

    Gameplay and controls are very good. I would have said great, but the well known tire-glitches from previous trials is still here in fusion. Especially at high speed and on ground/dirt surfaces.
    Other than this it's still the great trials gameplay I love.

    When you go to sounds settings to change the commenter/voice off, and go back to the game, the game freezes for about 5 sec or so before game is resumed. First time I did it I thought game crashed but I guess it was just loading. A loading bar or message would be nice.

    This may be uplay specific: when a friend logs on, the friend-logged-on-alert-box(heh) in the top right corner - after its fade-away animation, the box still hangs there for a few seconds instead of disappearing right away.

    Sounds/voices/music is awesome, all very fitting to the theme of the game.

    Lots of broken replays.

    Global leaderboard scores seems off. I know of several players who should be ranked much higher than me.
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    Windows 8 pro - 32bit
    i3-3200 CPU @3.30GHz
    4.0GB ram
    G-force GTX650 (2gig)
    Xbox360 controller
    Highest settings - no Vsync - anti analising on - shadows low

    Pro's: awesome looking tracks and enviroments
    Great gameplay, and i love the extra challenges that comes with the tracks.
    Control of the bike is great, (depends on the bike ofcourse)

    Con's: Tracks with snow (floating particels) has a tiny bit of slowmotion
    When i chat in Uplay, the game goes back to riderchoice when i dont selected a track yet.

    Overal: this game is worth buying, im sure some glitches wil be fixed.
    I am very happy with what i see so far. and cant wait for whats comming.
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