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    The Livestream Forum!

    What's up, riders?

    With livestreaming becoming more and more easy to accomplish on PC, and with the new Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles having capabilities built-in, we here at RedLynx are happy to break out a brand new forum category specifically for livestreaming. Here you will find all of the information on TrialsLive for different regions (we've got exciting news coming shortly!), as well as have a place to promote your own livestreams.

    Do you host a livestream? Go ahead and create your topic here so people have an easy directory of all of the awesome community members who share their love of gaming with the world.
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    Re: The Livestream Forum!

    cool! thx shifty
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    Live Stream Setup

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to setting up Live Stream but I am also learning as well. I came across a website: http://ilivestream.siterubix.com/ and I realized that I could use what I have already at home to live stream on youtube. It is so cool that I could use what I have already at home. The only thing that I needed to purchase was the Elgato HD 60S which is a great Video Capture for streaming. I know there are other great products, but the Elgato video capture card worked very well for me.

    Anyone else has a better way of setting up a live stream on youtube?

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    CricHD live Stream

    You may find the Crichd Live cricket streaming source one of the best ones because this will provide you exactly what it claims as well as you are looking for.
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