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    1000 Heroz Final Official Stats/Awards - Request to Devs

    On the Final Day 1000 Heroz Hangout today, one of the RedLynx team members (sorry, can't remember his name) said he would be willing to put together and share an official list of all of the daily #1 runners, which would be awesome. Not sure if he will see this post, but I'm curious what other "official final stats" you guys would like to see (if the devs would be so kind)? Personally I'd love to see...

    Most Wins (golds):
    Most 2nds (silvers):
    Most 3rds (bronzes):
    Most Top 3s:
    Most Top 5s:
    Most Top 10s:
    Most 10-Day Streak Wins:
    Longest Daily Streak:
    2nd Longest Daily Streak:
    3rd Longest Daily Streak:
    Farthest Runner (player with longest Total Distance Run):
    Most Restarts:

    ...that's all I can think of for now. What else would you guys want to see?

    I think it would be so cool if the RedLynx team was able to compile these stats and the names of the winner for each category, and maybe even present them as official awards in this forum or even on a page on the RedLynx website for posterity's sake.

    And yes, perhaps this is just my way of coping with the now brutal reality of the game being officially over, but at least having some official final stats/awards to pore over would allow us to bask in the glory of this beautiful game for just a while longer.

    If any RedLynx team members read this, thank you in advance for considering this request!


    P.S. I didn't list stats like final global all-time #1, 2, & 3 etc. that we can easily look up in-game, but if the devs did put together final awards (yep, still dreaming here!), it would of course be great to have those included!
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    Re: 1000 Heroz Final Official Stats/Awards - Request to Devs

    yeah that sounds great, i personally would like to see the stats for all sorts of things. Maybe a spreadsheet of results would let us pore over them in all the ways we might fancy?
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    Re: 1000 Heroz Final Official Stats/Awards - Request to Devs

    I hope theres a stat for sexiest runner!
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    Re: 1000 Heroz Final Official Stats/Awards - Request to Devs

    In my "signature" should be a couple of links. One to the stats that I kept of me personally....and one to the stats that I kept of all the TOS guys. The spreadsheets are compiled of A LOT of data....so it takes a bit for the pages to open, but I promise they do open.

    I mention this only b/c it gives an idea of all the stats that we thought were important. Most of which were already mentioned, but I think there is a few more maybe.

    One other thing I put together (the best I could, I'm no dev) was a "streaks" sheet. Which I need to update...its been awhile. But that gives other ideas of things that we thought might be interesting to see. Here's that link ( I hope) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...2c&output=html
    *edit ~ I think that link takes you to the base stats sheet, but at the top that spreadsheet are links to other stat sheets, including the streaks.
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    Re: 1000 Heroz Final Official Stats/Awards - Request to Devs

    Made an account just to say thanks! Had a blast with this game, but had to put it down in the summer. Had some decent runs and even got at least one outright #1 (maybe 2 not sure) and had what i thought was a perfect run on a course in 2012. Was all alone in first and couldn't imagine anyone else had a chance when I went to bed and when I woke up one of those TOS guys tied me. Figured ties listed alphabetical first and as he was Arse and I was Zagxc #2 it was.

    Saw on Twitter that today was the last day, and I got a couple runs in for old times sake. Wish I had been there from the beginning to the end but my late start made the top 100 seem unrealistic. I still have some screenshot trophies on my phone that will never get deleted.
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