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    Happy Day 1000!

    YAY! We did it
    1000 days of (almost) not forgetting to rank. It was a tricky, but that's it all done now (or at least in a few hours).
    I got a little worried, as I'd held the 23rd rank for nearly 100 days and got a little complacent, until I noticed yesterday that I'd been overtaken. I few hours of intense playing later and I'm pretty sure I've got my spot held.
    So.... what is everyone going to do with the new free time they'll have each day?
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    Re: Happy Day 1000!

    Happy day 1000 Godmil!

    I tried to beat you, but I dont have time anymore. Gongratz!

    Great game and great journey! Loved every second of it. All the best for all players around the world. Thank you all and thank you Red Lynx for this game. Kiitos!

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    Re: Happy Day 1000!

    You two were lucky, if I hadn't missed a day one week ago (aaaargh!), our three spots would look quite different

    Good effort throughout the last days, Kaa
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    Re: Happy Day 1000!

    Thanks Kaa51. Sorry about denying you that extra place. But thanks for saying you're done for the day, even though you'd need around #1 today I was still hammering away all morning in case you pulled a last minute amazing time I guess I can relax a bitty now.

    EDIT: checks scores -> crikey Kressenstein I didn't realise you were so close too. If I'd known how tight it was going to be in the last few days I'd have stepped up my game a month ago but hey, we're all in the top #25, that sounds good
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