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    Day 996/997 replays

    Did the replays for these days work for anyone? We established a while back there was a transition point where iPhone 5 replays only worked on iPhone 5. I've always been able to play non-iPhone 5 replays on my iPad 3, but these two replays don't play on either of my devices. I'm wondering if the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, or iPad Mini 2 have further affected the replay system. The #1 times for each day are quite a bit faster than anyone else, so I found it strange when the replays wouldn't work on either device like every other replay I've seen.
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    Re: Day 996/997 replays

    If I remember correctly, once upon a time when the app updated you weren't forced to update, it just let you play. Those people might be using old versions of the heroz
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