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    Where are the save game files on a Nexus 7?

    I went from an older Nexus 7 to the new Nexus FHD and can't find any save game files
    for it. I had over 1000 coins and into the 3rd set of coasters.
    Please let me know what directory to look for on my old Nexus when it's connected
    to my PC.
    **I have already copied over the entire Android/data folder**
    Nothing changed.
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    Re: Where are the save game files on a Nexus 7?

    Usually users don't move the save files so we can't quarantee that files would work on another device just by copying them.

    I suggest that you take a look at some 3rd party backup apps, like Helium. Please note that we don't quarantee that this would work and you have do it at your own risk. There still is a chance that game files wouldn't work.
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