Do you love Nutty Fluffies? Do you love them enough to bring a real Nutty Fluffy into your own life? Then you just might like this new raffle we're running!

Each day, we'll be giving away a real stuffed toy. There are two ways to enter. First, follow us on Twitter and re-twee our message about the Nutty Fluffy raffle. That will automatically enter you. The second way is to download the game, click on the NEWS header inside the app, and enter the raffle from there with your email address.

You can use either method to enter the raffle every single day!

Thanks and good luck, from the RedLynx team!

P.S. If you haven't check out Nutty Fluffies yet, give it a try – it's FREE – and you can get it from the links below:

Apple App Store
Google Play