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    Youtubers needing royalty free music for videos...

    This has popped up every now again about Royalty free music,and whether or not monetisation is allowed..Well, this guy,whos link is below, is totally free,royalty free music, and he is a proffesional music maker that allows monetisation too.All he requests, is a description link to his channel,or website..The links below will explain all this, and i will also include the links to his channel and recently started forum...If you use any music at all, then post a thankyou comment.He does all this purely for Youtubers that need music, but cant afford some of the crazy prices out there.He deserves a medal IMO..Respect to him..

    If you monetise or not, and need music for videos, then this is the first place i always check out..he release music on a daily basis..
    His Channel Link:-

    His permissions video:-

    His forum:-
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    Tnank you very much for this topic! I will try to use his royalty music for my video. But I also recommend another site with royalty free music - http://www.melodyloops.com/. I used it for my youtube videos. And now i think - what me use? It is excellent, when you have a choice!
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    RoyalTrax is one of my favorite youtube channel where you can get royalty free music to put in your videos, as long as you credit the producer(s).

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    I founded another good library of royalty free music at https://www.neosounds.com/royalty-fr...ic/instruments
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    It says the music is royalty-free. Is it okay if I use it?
    Anyone can use any of my music in any project.*

    Is it okay is I use your music in a non-profit project?
    Anyone can use any of my music in any project.*

    Can I use your music in my YouTube videos? I don't want to make any money.
    Anyone can use any of my music in any project.*

    I want to put ads on my videos on YouTube. Can I use your music for that?
    Anyone can use any of my music in any project.*

    I'm making a mobile app, and want to use your music. Is that okay?
    Anyone can use any of my music in any project.*

    *You do need to attribute correctly if you are using the Creative Commons license or pay for the no-attribution license, if you choose that one.
    Can I use this in my project?
    Do I have to credit anyone?
    Can I resell these on another site?
    Yes. Such is the beauty of Public Domain.
    Can I claim ownership of these?
    You can claim it... but it won't be true. You can also claim that you're a dolphin.
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    Here's another quality royalty free music library: https://www.musicscreen.org/
    There is many music styles and it can be used for free in non commercial projects. No subscription is required and the downloaded files are in MP3 high resolution..
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    Can anyone recommend me

    Which is the best broker among those listed in this site? https://bestcomputerformusicproduction.website/
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