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    Can't invite friend and can't see their invites either.

    So I basically do get my friend's invites, but they appear in my Uplay and it says that I need to launch the game to join their party. This is pretty weird because I have the game already open, so why can't there be a steam-like invite system where you can join other's game anytime on fly? Also whenever I try the "invite party members" or "invite party to game" buttons, my friend doesn't get the invite. Only way I can play with him is to find a game at the same time (luckily there aren't that many players playing it online).

    Seriously, it's 2013 and we still can't use the program of choice? I'd say that 99% of the players of this game would get rid of uplay completely if it was possible.
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    Same here

    I'm having this exact issue right now.
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    Same problem, can't play in a private game with my friend. I bought the game recently and its disappointing Anything possible?
    Also, would love to find old custom maps created by the players, is there some way to download them?
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