Hello, 1000 Heroz Runners,

We've recently released an update for 1000 Heroz to the App Store. The update includes the following:

[list:2u93jvi7][*:2u93jvi7]Support for iPhone5 wide screen resolution[/*:m:2u93jvi7]
[*:2u93jvi7]Fix for the bug that prevented online connection at startup on some iOS versions[/*:m:2u93jvi7]
[*:2u93jvi7]Replays are now free[/*:m:2u93jvi7]
[*:2u93jvi7]OpenFeint support has been removed[/*:m:2u93jvi7][/list:u:2u93jvi7]

Replays were made free due to the unfeasibility of fixing the difference between behavior on iPhone5 and older iPhone versions. This means that replays originating from iPhone5 work fine on iPhone5 but not on older iPhones and vice versa.