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    My Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/HardcoreTazimus

    Hi folks! Just promoting my relatively new Youtube channel!
    It's all about video guides/tutorials/walkthroughs. Right now I have
    Borderlands 2 and Dishonored, and I upload a new guide every day or two.
    I can't capture my Xbox without it looking like a toddler did it, but when
    the capture card I ordered gets here I'll start making Noob guides for Trials!
    All of my videos are geared towards covering every aspect of a particular game
    or mission, so they can end up being lengthy - some are about an hour long.
    With Trials, I'll guide even the most novice of players through every jump and
    obstacle in every track of the single player Trials experience - even WotN and Inferno 3.

    Well, if you see this, go check out my channel! Let me know what you think and feel free
    to add my GT - Tazimus - to your friends list. Make sure you say 'trials forum' or
    something to that affect so I'll add it!

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    Hey, dude!
    I like your channel. Which one Partnership do you use exactly? Is it Freedom? Do you like it? Because I've read here requirements youtube-networks.com/freedom-partnership and it OK for me, I would go for it. What can you say about it? What are pros and cons?
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