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    Trials Legends - Non Facebook Download Link

    Hello, you've probably reached this thread, and this forum, because you were looking for the Trials Legends download link on Facebook.

    Good News & Bad News.

    Bad News: Trials Legends is no longer available through Facebook.

    Good News: You can download the installer directly from us by clicking THIS LINK.

    Enjoy your time with Trials Legends and perhaps check out some of our other titles such as Trials Evolution, MotoHeroz, and the upcoming iOS & Android game Nutty Fluffies.

    Don't let this be the only time you visit our forum! Check out some user recommended tracks and visit our webchat!
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    Download Sitll Available

    Hello, I've recently played Trials Rising Demo and planning to buy it. As someone who likes to play all games on a series and play old games for its nostalgia, I'd like to play Trials Legends. This page came up when I searched Trials Legends on Google but I couldn't download the game when I clicked on link. Is download still available and can I play this game in 2020? I'd be glad if you can help. Thanks in advance.
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