Help Jose help Heal Kids!

"For those times when, due to sudden illness, you can't follow through on a trip you've been looking forward to taking -- say, the premiere of a new film -- it's great when you have friends who can tell you all about what you missed. It may not make the disappointment go away entirely, but it does help matters to be able to live vicariously through them (and the photographs they've taken).

Only, for some, this is a daily reality, but with much more serious connotations." - Jose

What is Extra Life?

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Extra Life begins at exactly 8 a.m. in your local time zone on Saturday, Oct. 20, and ends at 8 a.m on Sunday, Oct. 21. If you canít make this day work, you can do Extra Life whenever it's convenient for you. Some folks even break it into two segments.

The idea and spirit of Extra Life is that everyone pulls together at the same time, but we know thatís not going to be possible for everyone. Donít let a commitment on the 20th stop you from joining. Just do what you can and make up the game time later. What matters most is the time you put in BEFORE the event to raise money for these kids.

Extra Life is open to EVERY country on planet Earth. Martians are accepted on a case-by-case basis. The money you raise is directed to the Childrenís Miracle Network Hospital you select during registration.
Jose isn't asking much (total of $300) and he's already over 50% of the way there. Visit his donation page and, if you can, help support his cause of helping sick children.