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    Object position problems!!!!!

    I am currently working on my third track and I'm having a few issues with moving objects slowly over time.

    I have a few bent beams that i want to change position and merge into a loop the loop once the rider enters.

    I'm aware that a data source will change the position of an object slowly. I managed to get the object to go where I wanted it to go, with an interval trigger, object position event and a linear curve.

    This worked great, but the movement happens before I enter the loop.

    I have tried to link the object position to an area trigger, but this makes the beam "snap" to the position instead of moving slowly, and I can't set an area trigger to start theinterval trigger.

    I have also extended the time of the start tick on the interval trigger, but I would prefer it if the beam would move when I enter the loop.

    I may be going the wrong way with this, any help from anyone would be brilliant.

    Thanks guys,
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    Re: Object position problems!!!!!

    Have a State Event turn the Curved Data Source on when you hit the trigger.
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