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    Triggering Trampoline help

    i'm getting a little annoyed because i'm making a trampoline and when I test the track (with a trigger) It takes at least 1second long to activate and everytime i put the trigger back a little it takes EVEN longer!

    Why is it doing this?
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    Re: Triggering Trampoline help

    Leave physics on the piston but turn off animation and then use a trigger to activate physics AND animation. This makes the piston start as you'd expect.
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    Re: Triggering Trampoline help

    I'm guessing your using a piston with a trampoline glued to it. If this is the case:

    1: Have the "physics" turned on for the trampoline and piston.
    2: Turn the "animation" off on the piston
    3: Have "physics" and "animation" selected on your trigger
    4: Now select the piston with your trigger

    This should cause your trampoline to work correctly. Hope this helps
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    Re: Triggering Trampoline help

    I had the damndest time figuring this out. took a lot of trial and error. Crowsbeak has it right.
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    Re: Triggering Trampoline help

    yeah thanks,

    It worked!
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    The problem is troubling, I'm using 12ft trampoline and I don't see the problem, what kind of thing are you using?
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