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    Recording my new map

    I want to post a video on youtube about my new map but i've never recorded xbox 360 footage directly before. I've seen videos about connecting you computer to your xbox but I only have a laptop. Does anybody know if I can still directly recored of the xbox and if so, how?

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    Re: Recording my new map

    i expect people that do have a video capture card, they can be quite cheap if you shop about, but for me its going to be a digital camera pointed at the screen on a tripod of some bunged together fashion.
    i did ask this on my 1st post and shamusmon was kind enough to record and do a bonus review for me (its in my sig), so ask and maybe some kind soul will be willing.
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    Re: Recording my new map

    You can request your track be recorded in this thread. There's 1 or 2 other threads like this by other people, but this one was in the active topics
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    My brother and I usually use pc screen recorder to capture it. He uses Xbox One and I have Xbox 360. It can record in 1080p with no lag. So far it just works great.
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