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    OTHG Blackpool meetup 2 - 2017

    Here's the thread where you can put all your pictures!
    We all did different things, so let's all share what we've got
    K2 explained it great last year, so I've copied what he said:

    How do I post pictures?
    1: create an account with photobucket (other photo hosting sites are available!)
    2: upload your images to photobucket
    3: Click on image (in photobucket library)
    4: look to the right on your screen & you will see a box that contains all the URLs & forum IMG codes.
    5: Click on the bottom one (which should be image link) a pop up will appear telling you URL copied.
    6: On forum click post, then at the top of the post box you will see lots of icons (font, size, colour etc)
    7: Click on the insert image icon (4th from the right)
    8: A pop up box will appear with an address bar, right click & paste URL in here.
    9: If you want to check all has worked before posting, click GO ADVANCED, then PREVIEW.
    10: to finish click, SUBMIT

    How do i upload a video?
    1: videos need to be uploaded to youtube or other video hosting site first.
    2: when this is done go to the video and click the share button (in top right hand corner)
    3: when you have done this, a link will appear below the video (highlighted in blue)
    4: copy this link
    5: return to our gallery & make a post.
    6: find the video icon (next to image icon) at the top of the post box & click on it
    7: a pop up box will open with an address bar, paste the link in here & click ok
    8: to check it has worked ok, click "Go Advanced" then click "preview"
    9: If all is ok, click "submit"

    please take the time to title your photos, so others know who's in them & what was going on. thanks......
    If you need more help please contact me & will help you.

    hopefully now your images have been posted, if not???? try harder & repeat steps 1-10
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    Here are my pictures! I hope this works...

    I arrived kinda late on the Friday, so whatever happened before that, someone else will have to tell. I arrived late because the weather was like this in Norway. It was good to get away from that.

    But finally I got there, and some of us went out to eat. I think the guys got very hungry waiting for me, because they ordered the biggest burgers on the menu, the challenge one.
    Here’s Shakey’s…

    And here’s Nova’s:

    Even that guy in the background was impressed!

    On Saturday, Pikachu joined us for breakfast!

    Oh, it was just Gerbs!

    We went out to be tourists. We visited the Blackpool Tower, and then some of us also went to the Circus and the Blackpool Dungeons. Here’s the tower:

    Gerbs living the dream on the beach:

    Izzy, Dean, Rude, Littlemo, Gerble and I ended up in a group up to the tower, and on the way up, we had to take a bunch of group pics. Sorry about the bad quality of these, as they are on key chains and I took a picture of the pictures. Even on the key chains, you still can’t see my face, though… *looks at Rude and Gerbs*

    The tower had a glass floor, it was kinda scary.

    The guys inspecting whether this was really safe. (From the left: Vimes, K2, Shakey)

    I asked Shakey to take an epic selfie with me and the awesome view in the background. The view turned out not so great

    Here’s the epic view on its own instead.

    These guys were a bit scared to go all the way up (they did eventually, though)

    The circus was cool, I’ve never been to one inside a building before

    We dressed up for the occasion!

    The dungeon experience was totally awesome, it was like an interactive ghost tour. Among other things, Dean got knighted, and Rude got convicted by a judge for being from Derbyshire. Then Rude and I were hanged for being witches. It was really scary stuff.

    When we got back to the hotel, my dream of becoming trials elite finally came through… kinda (ok, so I stole Nova’s jacket, but sssshhh)

    On Sunday, we went to the Pleasure Beach. I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures there because I went on most of the rollercoasters, but here’s one of everyone else that went and a rollercoaster I didn’t go on because I was still recovering from the last one.

    On the last day, I discovered that people in the UK love their Fish & Chips so much that they will even have it as candy.
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