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    Re: Lumberjack pep tracks.

    Changed my gt to Peppenberg.
    If you see another Lumberjack Pep out there its a fake.
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    What the hell are you!?

    Hahaha nytmair?
    For real who are you? Can't remember that name
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    Duuuuuude are you still there??
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    Yes. I'm still alive, Corona can't kill me💪🏻
    Got something in the mail about friend request but I don't know how I do that stuff.
    Yeah just recently got a xbone from a friend.
    I barely play to be honest. I don't even know my gt at the moment haha. Maybe I will dl the new trials soon idk. Got a lot of stuff going on right now. But I remember you! Good stuff! Good stuff!
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    We’re at the covid survivors team then 🙌🏻
    That’s something really awesome to know! Join redrider’s discord server if you want, there are some of old heads. Unfortunately no one use this forums anymore, so feel free. Would be nice to have you with us. 🙃

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    Redrider68X's Avatar Member
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    Feb 2019
    Remade Woodstack

    And Crap Scrap but don't have a video of it.
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    Yeah cool I will do that
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    Did you remade this? It looks even better then the original.
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