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    The Trials HD Riddle Revealed

    Two and a half years ago, Trials HD was released for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Little noticed at first were various strange clues, hidden in deep parts of the game. Seemingly related to science, history, and unexplained mysteries, the brief clues hinted at a larger riddle buried within the game.

    Over the last two years, the Trials Community has debated, speculated, and argued over each bit of evidence. What follows is a very special video created by FatShady, a dedicated member of Trials community and one of the many who contributed to the riddle's solution.

    Rather than put the solution into our own words, this video will set up the riddle and reveal each clue and how it fits into the riddle.

    Regarding the riddle, RedLynx's Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo had this to say: "You could say I created the riddle, but what I really did was set the rules out. The game was played by the players, the riddle was discovered by them. I just started it. That was one really the key here." He then walked Fatshady through the riddle a few months ago, after which FatShady started the long process of creating this awesome video.

    The answer and riddle were thought out like three years ago. Now here is the official answer.

    So please sit back and enjoy, help us close the door on Trials HD, and help us get ready for the next chapter in the Trials story -- Trials Evolution, launching April 18.

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    Re: The Trials HD Riddle Revealed

    Chit chat over here:
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