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    couple questions from a newbie


    First, I'm new to the game. well sort of. I downloaded it a few months ago and have played most of it, but I need to find new tracks. I've downloaded all the trakcs from the xbox but I keep seeing people talking about how they download tracks from others. Can someone help me learn how to do that?

    Also, I see people talking about like a global rank? i can't figure out where to see this? like I just read a thread where someone wanted to find other players in the 2500 range. How do you find that info?
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    Re: couple questions from a newbie


    to download custom tracks from other you have to first be their friend. So add them on Xbox Live, go to User Tracks in Trials HD, Get Tracks, and you should see every friend of yours that has shared some tracks. Here's a long list of track creators you should try out: http://redlynxgame.com/forum/viewtop...606&hilit=list

    Your global rank can be found by going from the main menu to Leaderboards. Here you can see everyone's rank with and without the DLC.
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    Re: couple questions from a newbie

    welcome to the forum!

    to download tracks from others, first you need to be friends with them. if you search this forum you will find some of the best track builders. send them a friend request to download and play their tracks. most of them are on http://www.trialshd.net
    so you can post your times.

    as for the leaderboards, just go to the main menu and you should see "LEADERBOARDS". go to it and you will see "GLOBAL RANK" or if you've downloaded the dlc, you will also see "GLOBAL+DLC". here you can check your world ranking.
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    Re: couple questions from a newbie

    this is the problem. lol I have an xbox account, but don't know how to add people. I did at one time, but don't remember. that was years ago. I think i have two friends. I don't play online, and don't socialize on xbox, so I'm clueless.

    can someone remind me how to add them so I can d/l their maps?
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    Re: couple questions from a newbie

    *must refrain from makin smartass comment*

    Welcome to the forums.
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    Re: couple questions from a newbie

    It's easiest to explain for xbox.com (because I don't remember and am away from my xbox).

    1. Go to http://www.xbox.com and sign in.
    2. Click on the box, or link, that says "Friends".
    3. Enter the name of the person you want to add in the "Find a Friend" text field and click search.
    4. Under their avatar (if you spelled correctly) there is a button labeled "Add Friend".

    This sends that player a friend request which they will need to accept for you to appear on each other's "Friends List".

    I will update this when I can get to my xbox on how to add friends from there.
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    Re: couple questions from a newbie

    thanks for the replys. Man I hate this because there's no email notification of replies.

    I figured out how to add someone, but unfortunately he's not accepted yet (been 4 days) so i can't try it.

    BUT, that being said, I just found out about Evolution so I'm VERY excited. especially the multiplayer online.

    thanks for the help and not bashing the newb.
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