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    MP4 Editor?

    I am in search of a good easy to use MP4 editor?
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    Re: MP4 Editor?

    Download and install the free version of Format Factory, then install Windows Movie Maker. Allow your PC to restart and you should have an easy to use and FREE way to edit and convert your mp4 files.
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    Re: MP4 Editor?

    Thanx I will give that a try. My old hauppauge recorded in mpeg2 format and I used TMPGenc MPEG editor which was really easy and quick to use but it doesn't support MP4 files. My new hauppauge records in MP4 and it came with Arcsoft Showbiz but it takes longer to do anything with it. I guess with MP4 I may not get around that.
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    Bingo-man editor is the best. Unflavored, although works with or without button presses. Gamepad mode available: press A to burn, and B to eject.
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