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    Pathway to Glory? iOS/Android

    I was cleaning out my closet the other day and came across my old N-Gage QD. It was in a shoebox full of games and accessories. I decided to play it for a bit, and remember some of the finer games on the failed system. Snakes, Shadowkey, Tony Hawk, Splinter Cell, and finally, Pathway to Glory (and PtG: Ikusa Islands).

    Only 2 games out of the 40 that I own actually held up and were fun to play. I'm currently making my way through the original Pathway to Glory. What a classic title! The graphics are still great because the nailed the art direction for this time of game (ie. see Wind Waker or Mario Galaxy).

    It is time to dig up this series RedLynx! I'd settle for a port of the original to iOS just so I don't have to carry around an N-Gage QD. Critics loved that game, and I'm sure it'd get some free press just because of its N-Gage history. Plus I think this game could really benefit from a touch screen rather than be hindered by it like most genres (first person shooters don't belong on an iPhone).

    Please. If you port it / port both titles / or make a sequel I will give you my money and my love.
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    Re: Pathway to Glory? iOS/Android

    Hi Jo!

    We love our old N-Gage games too -- Pathway to Glory, Ikusa Islands, High Seize, and Reset Generation -- but those IPs are owned by Nokia, so it is not our decision (or Ubisoft's) if they are re-made or brought to new platforms. And Nokia, is unlikely to do Android games, in my opinion.

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    Re: Pathway to Glory? iOS/Android

    Wow. I had no idea they were Nokia owned IPs. That's terrible news. Thank you for the reply. I still have my N-Gage QD at least.
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    Re: Pathway to Glory? iOS/Android

    I am also a fanatic of Pathway to Glory. I am pretty sure it will be a must if you port it onto IOS. If Nokia does not want, why not develop a slightly different game with a similar gameplay?
    I would love to see Retina graphics and listen to fabulous soundtrack!!!
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    Thank you for sharing, I downloaded Pathway to Glory and had a great experience at https://apkmouse.com
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