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    10+ High Quality tracks to share

    Greetings, all...
    I'm a video game artist/designer with an unnatural obsession for Trials HD. I've been making custom tracks for awhile, but haven't posted because I can't seem to get around to making videos. Add to that, I don't have much forum-hangin' time.

    I have 10 high quality tracks shared right now (& would have more if I could figure out how). I'd be SUPER interested in making LIVE friends with some of the amazing LD's out there who's friends capacity is full (xWar Lordx this is a shout out to you fersher).

    A bit about my tracks:
    A lot of love has gone into their creation. All of them super polished, so you'll have nice stuff to look at while you're getting beat up. I try to design my tracks so everyone can play them, but there's enough hard stuff to keep the pros from getting bored...often this means multiple paths. I'd gague my tracks @ medium/hard, usually speedy, & a lot of fun. I try to make my tracks unique, so hopefully you'll find stuff you haven't seen before occasionally. The tracks are well playtested by 3 regular players. There are a few bugs here & there, but on the whole they're clean.

    Anyone interested in sharing tracks?

    gamertag: floydkahue
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    Re: 10+ High Quality tracks to share

    You posted in the wrong forum section, this is about the free PC game Trials Legends.

    There is a category reserved for Trials HD and a sub-category for custom tracks, you'll have much better luck there.

    BTW I'll send you a FR in a minute.
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    Re: 10+ High Quality tracks to share

    Thanks for the heads up, & thanks for your tracks!
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    Re: 10+ High Quality tracks to share

    I'd love to try our tracks out.

    GT: Lost Dog

    I'll send you a request shortly.

    I've never played any custom tracks before so I'm looking forward to it.
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