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    Custom Tracks not working..

    First of all! BIG thanks to Redlynx for Trials Legends..

    But, I downloaded these custom tracks which is available here in forum

    Place .tlt files to folder =>..\Documents and Settings\<user>\trialslegends\Custom Track Folders\Custom Tracks\
    As is informed to do.

    Now when i launch TL and select "custom tracks"
    I can see thumbnails of track. Example GDSE (Medium), Aconcague Glacier etc..
    Then i click track and choose bike..Progress bar freezes around 25%
    And actually TL freezes.

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    Re: Custom Tracks not working..

    You can try to delete the Cache folder under trialslegends folder.
    (\Documents and Settings\<user>\trialslegends\Cache)
    After this, all the tracks will be reloaded again. It may take a couple of seconds before they appear on the custom tracks menu depending on your system setup. If there's still a problem, you can try to re-download the tracks. The download may have been problematic and the files may be partially corrupted. Do not use any download manager programs to prevent this.
    I just Downloaded Aconcague Glacier and it was working fine, so there should be no problems in the file itself.
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