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    My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the forums!

    Here is a special place you can post your first message, you could talk about the consistancy of cheese, favourite tracks, would injuries be just the same if the rider didn't wear a helmet in the game? etc.

    go get yourself that junior member status!

    (if you have more than one post, then you need to introduce yourself if you havent already )

    If you are a track creator you can set yourself up here + you can also find tracks and add new friends if your just wanting to play new custom tracks:

    Help for the editor can be found, yup you guessed it in the level editor category. Good place to start if you have any questions you need asking, its possible someone has already covered the same topic so read through before posting!


    any other problems you can priv message me.

    About me:
    I have run a few websites in the past for world of warcraft and counter-strike and i am currently working on developing a portfolio to get myself into the crazy world of game design (got to use my degree for something). I was also part of the team here that helped to create the Trials HD Big Pack dlc.

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    Re: My First Post - Introduce yourself!

    Well it's hardly my first post but her goes

    Gamertag - Euphoric Fusion

    Full time dad and house husband ( more time for Trials ) I am pretty much the kid that never grew up.
    At the tender age of 29 I still love gaming as much as I did when I was a child.
    Passionate about Trials and making quality levels when I get the chance. All the stuff you need to find my bits and bobs are in my sig.
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    Re: My First Post - Introduce yourself!

    im redrider686 and i space out on trials
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    Re: My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    my name's ben1bob and i'm an alco... no i'm not.

    but i do wish i was a house husband! *insert jealousy emoticon here*
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    Re: My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    No you don't.... well maybe it has it's perks
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    Re: My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    not exactly my first one either, but anyway.

    I'm Reaper 392, i play Trials WAY too much, and when i'm not on the xbox most of my life is taken up by my 4 A levels, which is why i cant wait for my exams to be over, and then go to Uni
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    Re: My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    GTag: Dark Junglist. Feel free to add.

    17th in the world on Rise & Fall, top 100 on a fair few other tracks, and still unbelievably addicted.

    Outside of Trials, I'm a huge movie addict, Man Utd follower, and full time layabout
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    Re: My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    Hi. I'm l'esprit de l'escalier. You can call me lesprit or les or whatever.

    I'm a formerly out-of-work web developer from Vancouver, Canada, who just found himself with too much work.

    In Trials HD, I'm currently trying to make the top 100 on the Global Leaderboard + DLC. I post HD replays of a lot of my platinum runs on youtube, and have been creating tracks for the last couple months. Check my signature for more info.

    Aside from Trials, I enjoy playing Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Forza 3.
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    Re: My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    Hi I'm GameScrub!

    I like to go outside and marvel at the beauty that is this world. The tender cancer inducing caress of the warm, moist and tender arms of our Arizona sun. To the paralyzing kisses of love from spiders and snakes. The love that comes from the humans that gracefully populate the area with their heart melting robberies, spreading their love to unaware females, that prance around our sweet smelling alleys and the special way we say hello with our fist high in the air as if it where to rip the sky apart and a middle finger that points the direction towards each other that ensures that our moment has been splendid.

    Sigh what a wonderful world.

    Plus I play trials!
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    Re: My First Post + Introduce yourself!

    Howdy, I'm Brad C, Gamertag "MegaTrain". I have a full time IT job and a family, so I like to relax with TrialsHD when I can. I enjoy other strategy games like Magic the Gathering, Carcassonne, and Settlers of Catan.

    I don't make custom tracks (yet), but I did make a spreadsheet that helps you calculate your global score (see this thread).

    The sparkle in my Avatar's eye is M45, the Pleiades star cluster. See this link for more info on this cluster, and if you're interested in backyard astronomy, check out the awesome site http://www.cloudynights.com
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