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    Dear Redlynx Game Programmers

    Hey guys,

    I tried sending a PM to Sebbbi about this, but I imagine he gets a lot of PMs so it'd be hard to sift through, thought I'd post it here for any and all of the programmers to see.

    I'm 28 years old, and am considering going back to school as an end result becoming a video game programmer.

    Talking with a local college, they have a Computer Programming Analyst 3 year program, to which you can add a 2 year post graduate certificate program specializing specifically in game programming.

    Would you think this would be the way to go to break into the video game world? or, learn on my own and just write as many good little games that I can on my own and see if that peaks someones interest?

    here's the programs with course lists:


    I'd appreciate any input, as, after reading that interview, and playing your game, you clearly know what you're doing!

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    Re: Dear Redlynx Game Programmers

    I'm just a hobbyist programmer but I'd say having a certificate would help get a job in a big company but if you just want to work for a little indie company then opensource games would probably be the way to go.
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    Re: Dear Redlynx Game Programmers

    Sorry, I shouldn't reply to this, considering you requested redlynx peeps. I just wanted to say thanks for the links for the courses. I have been looking at a few places to attend. I am btw a small game programmer using LAU, its easy and fast. I also make small games that I sell in my community. I'm doing my best to understand C+ and C++ but those are way more comlicated than LAU.
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    Re: Dear Redlynx Game Programmers

    I don't mind if other people reply, the questions are really directed to anyone who programs for a living or is trying to break into the game programming world. Just trying to get a feel for it all.
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