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    Updating rankings when starting the game!

    I really like this game, however it really annoys me that you have to play a course and submit the outcome to the server to see if you are still on number one.

    So it would be great if the game checks your rankings whenever you start the game and also shows on the courses overview how many ranks you have lost.

    That would be awesome!

    Thanks and best regards,

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    Re: Updating rankings when starting the game!

    I would also like to see an auto submit score option in the settings menu, mainly because im too lazy to submit it again every time i beat my personal best.
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    Updating rankings when starting the game

    Definitely FF7. I mean, Ive played Crisis Core Ive tried to replay the American version, but couldnt. I had already played the JPN version of Crisis Core, one time only I guess. But crisis Core is a really in-depth game. It really added alot to the whole story line of FF7. Amazing really, also was a revolutionary game for the PSP when it came out. Awesome graphics, good gameplay, long lasting story is only like 7 hours while missions are like 40 hrs good CG animations on par with advent children. Loved Zacks personality :

    FF7 you can just play again and again. It just has that fun factor you cant get rid of. There is always something to do in the game.
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