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    Trials 2: Upside Down - Concept Trailer

    Please watch this video, showing a performance upside-down creating a nice effect, and say what you think. I plan to release a bigger video, if this idea gets support and positive acclaim.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt6HcMppDxg (and watch it in HD, of course)


    Alternatively, you may want to watch it from my website:


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    I liked it. Cool effects. But tbh i probably would've enjoyed it more if it wasnt upside down.
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    I agree with dosto, looked nice, but also would have enjoyed more if it was upside up
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    Heh, now that is interesting. Effects? I don't think I added a single effect there.

    EDIT: Well. Seems one effect IS there, but that was a honest mistake it is a sort of light rays.

    So you seem to want a normally "oriented" vid, just with some slight (really not as big as in my two past experiments) ? Just say so, no problems
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    Hey what do u use to record and edit?
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    As I have said to YOU before, I use Fraps for recording, and Vegas 8 Pro for editing. I am not givin' you any of these.
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    The upside down felt meditative to me, so I liked it, just not the light rays serving no purpose.

    Don't throw effects on an entire clip that are noticable, effects should enhance the viewing experience, if your going to do a lighting effect it should be quick intro outro to something.

    Watch professionaly made video game vids and take notes.

    other then that I would like to see the upside down effect more in the future and maybe transitioned into other view modes that take trials out of the norm.

    ***deano vegas is my favorite video editing software, its very easy, only downside to it, is you need to find a good working codec to render your fraps recordings in that work in vegas, I found the h264-3 or whatever it is works good for me when Im going for a high def type movie.
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    Originally Posted by phiktion
    The upside down felt meditative to me, so I liked it, just not the light rays serving no purpose.
    As you might have noticed in my upper post, addition of these effects was not my intention. It was left there somehow, and I didn't notice.

    Well we will see what I can make up regarding the Upside Down stuff...

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