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    Will the saved replays from 1.07 be still playable in 1.08? Because in beta it appears they don't work...

    I hope they will, got some really nice things there for making a video
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    My replays from 1.07 work just fine with the beta..all but Autobahn. And sebbbi wrote:
    Originally Posted by sebbbi
    Oh yes, that's because of the N/A bug in "Autobahn" and "End is Near". The old tracks have wrong filenames, so the game cannot find them for profile screen and replays don't work of them in any other version than v1.07. That bug has been fixed, and unfortunately saved v1.07 replays of the tracks do no longer work. All high score replays work however (when the v1.08 finally goes on the release server).
    So it should only be "Autobahn" and "End is Near" that doesn't work. So maybe you tried to run replays from these tracks?
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    Nope, it works now, might be some memory problem or what... Forget about it.
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    But now I found some error:

    I wanted to record SAVED (I saved it in 1.07 and then wanted to play it in the beta - my usual way of recording for The Inverted) mrT's replay from Just Flip! using Fraps. However, an ingame error message appeared saying "Replay from outdated game version" or similar. I was using the Slovak version, as usual. Why could it not be played? The other replays worked well. Although I have not tried to do this with another Flip track replays.
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