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    Trials 2 SE 1.08 Beta-4 released for testing

    Trials 2 SE 1.08 Beta-4 has been released for testing. The new version fixes problems that have been marked as "Fixed in B4" in the Issues forum. The most important fixes included in this release are:

    - Game crashing in situations where font files are not found
    - Graphics flickering in low and very low modes where there are flashing light in the level

    The new version can be installed over the previous version, there's no need to uninstall the previous version.

    The older versions will display an error saying that the version is too old when trying to connect to the beta server.

    The installer is available from

    Both username and password are your Trials 2 SE license key. Please type both using numbers and UPPERCASE alphabets.
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    sebastianaalton's Avatar Trials Developer
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    Also both Polish and Slovak languages are added to the build. Please test the game with these languages, especially if you are a native speaker or either language.
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    sorry I've been gone, I'm back now and I will start working on them asap!!!

    (I was fishing in Alaska...)
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