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    im downloading 6% tik tac tik tac damn clock

    gonna try to find shortcuts that shouldt be there on the tracks

    edit : 60%
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    downloading now i have been playing half life
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    Downloading now, 40%, looking forward to testing
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    downloading while playing poker, 72%! fkin slow. but well worth it.
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    hi there,

    downloaded and installed. realised after installing that versino v1.04 was installed and not v1.08 beta. what now? I already pm'ed Jukka.

    happy testing,

    Mike aka. Slothead
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    Start Trials 2 SE BETA instead of your normal Trials 2 se. The beta installer creates another item in your Start menu.
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    thx for the quick answer, but I started Trials using the right shortcut. My V1.07 full release is bought thourgh Steam, so I can really make the difference which game I'm starting.

    should there be V1.08 in HELP/ABOUT or is there displayed something different?

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    yep, that's a bug that has been there since 1.05
    Nobody has remembered to change the version value there.
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