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    General Beta Testing Instructions

    General rules
    -Do not distribute the BETA builds. They are not final releases and contain bugs and unfunctional features, and they can create bad impression of the game.
    -Do not distribute screenshots or videos of the game. The beta version can contain features or tracks that might be removed from the final release, and players can be disappointed if they see screenshtos of features that are not found from the released game.

    How to test
    Try to test the game in any kind of ?special condition? that is probable to cause it to crash or to function otherwise improperly. Examples of things to try: Breaking network connection at different points, trying to write too long text at points where text can be written, trying to go to places in tracks where the player is not supposed to be able to go

    The testers attitude should be ?destructive? in a way that he?s job is not to use the game in a way that it works but instead try to ?break? the game every way possible and prove how it doesn?t work.

    Test server
    The beta game uses different server than the release versions, so you won't find your normal player profile there. Please create new profiles (and teams) to the beta server for testing.

    The highscores in the beta server might get removed if the tracks change. The highscores will be lost in any case when the game is released and is switched to use the production server. So don't spend to much time trying to achieve good highscores, because they will be lost when the game is relesaed.

    Reporting issues

    Before reporting an issue, please check carefully if there is already a thread about the same issue. If there is already a thread please write message in there. If there bug is already confirmed by the developers and no further information is asked, there?s no need to write a report because the issue is already identified.

    Please do not report new ideas or new feature suggestions here, there is already a separate forum for that. In beta phase the objective is to stabilize the game and we cannot add any new features at this phase, no matter how good they are. Of course improvement ideas to existing features are welcome (e.g. way to make user interface more logical/intuitive, better messages to user).

    Include following information when reporting:
    [*:bowyzjb3]Hardware: If you have reported only one PC, there?s no need to specify the computer further since we already have the dxdiag info that was given during registration. If you have multiple PCs please specify whichone it is, or if it?s a new PC please copy-paste the dxdiag info.[/*:m:bowyzjb3]
    [*:bowyzjb3]Version: Which version of the game are you playing?[/*:m:bowyzjb3]
    [*:bowyzjb3]Title: Try to create a good, descriptive title for the issue and set it as the subject of the thread. (Good example: ?Chat disconnects after writing a private message?, Bad example: ?Chat doesn?t work!!?) Good titles make it easier to handle with large number of reports.[/*:m:bowyzjb3]
    [*:bowyzjb3]Steps how to reproduce. What needs to be done to reproduce the issue. Does it occur every time after the steps or randomly (e.g. only once and couln?t reproduce, about 20% of the time, every time).[/*:m:bowyzjb3][/list:u:bowyzjb3]
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