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    Bad wireless = lost record, on Inferno of course...

    Hello guys,

    This could have happened on any track. But it had to be Inferno?

    Here?s what happened yesterday night: I?m staying in a hotel with crappy wireless connection, trying to pass Inferno for a second time. I watch a few replays, but one doesn?t play. It says ?Download replay 0/0? or something, but nothing happens. Since the others replays needed a bunch of seconds to launch, I wait, then consider it?s broken and click Play Track.

    After 2 hours trying to pass over that evil first obstacle, I finish Inferno with only 60 faults in 8 minutes. Most beautiful day of my life, I had bet with my coworker DiableBlan, the only other Bahamas player who passed Inferno, that I could make it in less than 100 faults before the end of the day.

    But when I crossed the finish line, instead of showing me the scoreboard with my new record and sending my new replay to the servers, the game instantly played this replay I thought was broken.

    Hey, no big deal, if I made it once I can make it again (right ?...), but I just wanted you to know there could be a problem with replays if the internet connection is bad.
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    My history is a bit different, but it's also about poor internet connection

    I was trying to get Voltman achievement, had 4 flips to go. I took me about an hour to get 22 flips on Flipping hard, greatly improving my previous record which was 13 flips After finishing, I didn't get the achievement, and a text "You didn't beat your old score" appeared, but the rankings were refreshed and my new position was being displayed in table. I checked in My stats, but still Voltman wasn't unlocked :/ Then I almost died trying to do it again, and somehow managed to do 25 flips and then finally got Voltman! And that's in the same day I finished Inferno for first time

    So there's probably some problem with poor quality internet connection (through gprs in my case :/). That would be great, if in a patch, or even next Trials game, that would have been solved
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    I think that has happened to everyone, my first time beating inferno the record didn't take, i was really mad but i did it again and did it with half of the faults from the first time.
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