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    Trials 2 Steam skin

    I had some free time last week and the hard level are too hard for me
    So I made a Steam skin for Trials 2.
    I took the colors from the achievements and changed the Steam colors.
    I added the "Trials 2" logo in the upper-right corner and the changed the 5 buttons on the bottom to a achievement layout.

    Here are two screenshoots...hope it looks good.
    (Downloadlink under pic?s)

    You can donload it here: LINK

    Readme is inside the file.
    Sry for bad English in post and readme
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    Heh, it's pretty cool.
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    True Fan stuff, I say
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    This is good stuff, but my highly trained gut feeling says there might be small readabilyty problems with the current colors (at least in the images it seemed to be so). Maybe a bit darked yellows in the backgrounds would work a bit better like in this forum or in the main webpage.
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    /agree with Jorma.
    I installed the skin, and it looked... well.. ugh
    Didn't like the background colours, and the icons were weird. Sorry, but...
    Change it to the colour scheme of the forum, and it would be ace!

    Sorry for the harsh criticism, but I use http://www.fpsbanana.com, a skinning website, so I'm used to high-quality skins.
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    After Jorma?s and epZ?s comment I changed my skin.
    So here is the new skin:

    I took the colors from the forum and made new achievement buttons that have a higher quality (I hope ).

    Here is the download link: LINK

    Hope it is better now
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    that looks much better, good job man
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    MUCH BETTER! Very very nice!
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    True Fan stuff two times more, I say.
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