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    Need Help Badly! :(

    I badly need to change the keys to this awsome game.
    Im using a very expensive Logitech keyboard, and realy dont like playing games on it for fear of damaging the keys. I can already feel the arrow keys getting looser the more thrashing they get.
    As it is a wireless keyboard, I sure the keys are not as responsive as they need to be for this presise game (as its not a gaming keyboard).

    For gaming, I prefer to use my Z-Board gaming pad, of which uses the keys A,S,D,W.

    If anyone knows of a way to patch the game to use these keys, it would be much appreached.. ty
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    Well, must be a very weak keyboard if it can't handle getting pressed on.. but your best bet is to use a simulator program, that simulates different keystrokes then what your pressing, try the program "joy2key".
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    yer, this game is so intense, im pressing sooo hard (but cant help it) my fingers hurt!

    I just tryed the"joy2key" program, but it wont run, because it dont detect a joystick...

    The Z-BOARD is a USB gaming keypad (keyboard)..
    see here:- http://www.ideazon.com/us/products/fanggamepad.asp
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    WASD works in this game. Have you tried using the z-board? you should find that it will just work.

    You would still need to use your regular keyboard for backspace, however... but that shouldn't be an issue since responsiveness isn't that important for that key, and your keyboard would probably still be nearby.
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    sebastianaalton's Avatar Trials Developer
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    The game supports both WASD and arrow keys. Both are always usable, and you can switch and combine the buttons the way you feel best. The game also supports XBox 360 gamepad and all DirectInput compatible gamepads. Rumble is supported on all pads.
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    Aw man, This game just gets better!

    I never even thought of trying ASDW.
    And YES! They work!
    QUOTE SMACKLE"You would still need to use your regular keyboard for backspace,"
    My gamepad has a restart button, which just happens to be "R".

    AWSOME! (watch out Pro's, im coming to get ya!) HeHE!
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