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    We're a Community, not a team.


    first of all, thanks for this great game. It's pure fun.

    Anyway, I'm having an issue with the 20 players limit in a team. I belong to a huge french community evolving around a french videogame paper magazine called CanardPC. A few days ago, somebody mentioned Trials 2 SE and bam, in a few hours enough of us bought the game tu fullfil the CPC team. Now players who just bought the game are upset because they can't join.

    The thing is, we really don't care about world ranking at all. We just want to play with each others, challenge each others, compare our times and scores with each others. Creating a team was just a way to gather.

    So, is there a way to "group" players, no matter how many they are ? If not, could you consider adding a non-ranked Community feature ? Or at least, is it possible for you to just remove the CPC team from the world ranking and make it possible for everyone in our community to join it ?
    You need to know that right now, players are willing to buy the game, but won't since they don't see the point in playing alone, wich I totaly understand.

    Thanks in advance for you help and concern.

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    If you bought it on steam, then the game will have a section where you can rank according to your steam friends list.

    Unfortunately this doesn't help if you, or some of you, bought the game directly from the site. If that is the case, then I agree that a friends list would be a good feature to be built into the game.
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    I am a member of the CPC Team and i bought the game directly from the site. So apart from the Team Ranking i can't compare to those who aren't in the team.

    As you said, it would be very nice to have a sort of friends list in the game.
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    I'm not sure if they will do it or if it's possible (think it is), but it dosn't affect the team score because its only the top four in each team that count.
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    If it's only top four, i don't understand why the number of members in a team is limited...
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    Originally Posted by 2k3
    I'm not sure if they will do it or if it's possible (think it is), but it dosn't affect the team score because its only the top four in each team that count.
    No, no, no. It's the top four SCORES on each track that count. Not top four players of the team.
    So the limit is obviously quite nessesary.
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    Well, I don't think it's that hard to make, since we just need some kind of a "private country" with a password. Btw, that's what we're doing right now, we're joining an empty country, but it's not quite a solution.

    And I too bought the game when it went out directly here, not at 8,99$ from Steam, so I must say I kinda feel frustrated not being able to enjoy it as easily as Steam users.
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    Yay, we'll all go to the Bahamas for now... But i hope it'll be temporary because who knows, someday maybe a real guy from the Bahamas will buy this awesome game...
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    Go, go Bahamas!

    Unlimited team player amount would be a good thing to have. Or at least rise the player amount to 100 or 200. With bigger teams there could be some kind of compensation system to prevent the ranking score abuse. The more players, the more scores counted for the rating for example (and ratings divided by the amount).

    For example:
    4-10 players: average of top 4 scores of each track (= current system)
    11-20 players: average of top 8 scores of each track
    21-30 players: average of top 12 scores of each track
    31-50 players: average of top 16 scores of each track
    50-100 players: average of top 32 scores of each track
    101-200 players: average of top 64 scores of each track
    200+ players: average of top 128 scores of each track

    Basically this way you need around the same percentage of good players to get equal ranking score with any team size. Bigger teams need more good players, and smaller less.
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