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    reopen Bt Infinity and Uplay

    I have read with some concern about lack of Action by either Ubisoft OR Bt Infinity regarding unable to access games Via uplay to is the 16?03/2014 and for me the situatiuon is unchanged I cannot access any of my games that are attached to the Uplay account I even bought a new copy of Heroes Might & magic 6 so I had an actual disk instead of a digital download to date I have slated ubisoft who then sent me a copy of the BT missive BUT and a Big But the problem I have is with Ubisoft it is their software and they should not be passsing the buck to me to contact BT infinity my games are held by the uplay software even though my ISP is BT so I request that you reopen the Thread for the poor country cousins in the UK
    As I have said You Ubisoft are responsible for uplay and it is you job to contact BT on behalf of Users of Uplay to get a satisfactory outcome to this problem aas a matter of course I was in touch with BT who quite openly told me on13/03/2014 that it could be anything from 5 to 10 days or even more but they then said the fault is with Uplay which of course Uplay are Saying the opposite and poor old Joe public are stuck in the middle So Ubisoft Pleaasse get this issue resolved and quickly
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    This is the wrong forum to post your request in. This forum is about Might & Magic Heroes Online a browser based game.
    Please post your request regarding Uplay here http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/513-Uplay
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