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    looking for suggestions on the laptop i should buy

    not long bought this excellent program and have it running sweet on my desktop machine but i bought it with the intention of going mobile with it.

    as the game doesn't officially support mobile versions of the graphics chipsets i thought it best to ask for recommendations on the type of laptop i should buy to run it.

    I'm buying second hand so its going to be a windows 7 machine, the only things it needs apart from running RS2014 is a HDMI port so i can easily connect it to a TV and a USB 3 port or 2 for fast file transfer.

    if you have a windows 7 laptop that runs RS 2014 without any issues can you please post your model number so if i come across one on ebay/down the local PC shop i can snap it up safe in the knowledge that it will do the job!

    also if you have a laptop that fails miserably at running it can you post that making it very clear its a fail so i know what to avoid?

    thanks in advance for your help, i'm shocked there isn't a list on here already, maybe this thread could serve as a starting point to get one together?

    Please note: suggestions for windows 8 laptops will be ignored as i hate that OS with a passion so dont waste your time, the same goes for suggestions i buy a MAC as i'm prepared to spend an arm on this but want to keep my legs intact
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    I have a Dell Inspiron 15R, with an i5 and AMD 4770 (?? I think that is right), running windows 8.1. It runs the game great.

    Dell maked a 17" version of that laptop with an Nvidia add-on graphics card.

    The deal is to make sure the laptop supports an add-on gaming graphics card. That and a modern I-core processor and you'll be good to go.
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    Acer Aspire 5755-6832
    i5 @ 2.4 GHz
    Intel Integrated graphics
    6 GB DDR3
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

    Runs Rocksmith fine, I have mine hooked up to flatscreen through HDMI with the audio running through a 50 Watt Rotel amp into paradigm speakers. Works great.
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    The same suggestion I also need which laptop to buy? After so many efforts I selected this https://productz.com/en/dell-inspiron-3593/p/pPreP laptop. It has lots of modern features and having a good processor with 8GB of RAM. Their hard disk capacity is also very nice. So there is no chance of hanging on this laptop.
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    Hey there, Dishnu5468! Sorry about the delayed response. I understand that you have looked into the DELL product that you linked. Although I cannot provide you specific models or brands over another, I do recommend reviewing our minimum and recommended requirements for Rocksmith 2014 to best judge what specs you need to look for in your laptop/tower choice.

    Also, just to note, please in the future create a new thread instead of posting in old ones as that is against the Forum Rules.
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