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    Why UPLAY is a disaster!

    For god sake, Ubi please fix your !@#!$ server? Lately my game kept on crashing only to find out because when during gameplay the connection failed to sync to Ubisoft server and the game crashed.

    What ~!@#$ piece of DRM is this? Once crashed to desktop only get to know that UPLAY failed to sync to Ubisoft server. Don't have this problem with Steam games. What f!@#k is this?. I NOW agree UPLAY is a horrible ABOMINATION.

    PS. My version is UPLAY version.
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    I agree

    I have to agree with you. I have a steam version so now I must successfully log into Steam AND Uplay in order to play my game. The worst bit is that if I want to play a game on Steam or Uplay, my son cannot play any steam or Uplay game at the same time, even if it is a different game! How stupid. I refuse to buy two copies of every game I want.
    Also, Uplay always crashes on my Win8 box when I try to play HOMM6, right after loading. I miss the good old days when we had hardcopies.
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    Well, I've bitten on the "you only have to activate once" scam. Nope! The game will refuse to let you fly to Elemental Forge if you play in Offline mode! Yeah, it thinks you're nor authorised for ACT 2 even though you're probably already level 27 and saw most of the map. Editing Lev's dialogue xml files helps of course, but why should I as a legal customer have to put up with ********? When pirates get a working game which needs no online connectivity and no file editing to work right...

    Way to convince people that paying for games is good and piracy is bad...
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    Hi guys, please ensure you open a ticket with Technical Support about these issues, the link is in my signature.
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    Honesly, what will that fix? Will Ubisoft suddenly respond to my ticket "Oh but of course we'll fix it right away"? Really? Because it's not like I'm having a personal issue like "Can't install game" or "Misplaced my CD key" - it's a BUG, a bug in UPlay software that is widespread and well known, and nothing is dealt about it because UBISOFT BENEFITS FROM IT! Because it's benefitial for you to make people play in online mode, because then you can lure people into all sorts of online offers and other popup ********, you can track their gaming statistics and God knows what else...

    What should be done is that paying customer's experience should be made better than a pirate' experience. No amount of technical support will help!

    Right now it looks like this:

    Pirate (PLAY FOR FREE):
    - No hassle with DRM
    - No internet connection required
    - All preorder/limited/other sorts of content unlocked

    Legal Customer (MUST PAY FOR THE GAME):
    - Jump through hoops and suffer other DRM-related issues
    - Have to be connected (more than just "once to activate", because game refuses to let you fly to elem. forge etc.)
    - Have to pay for additional content or hunt it on some events or preorder for additonal content etc.

    Guess which one is better?

    Guess how it should look like in order for people to respect your Uplay DRM system? Yeah, other way around. WIth no tech support or other things - this should not even be required! Because your damned DRM system must be robust, self-sufficient and bug free.
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