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    The Aquila's Figurehead

    Has anyone been able to unlock this item? I have been in contact with support for ages now, and every few days they keep saying "Are you sure you did it right?", asking me to repeat it again, and doesn't even seem to understand the way to unlock it.

    I have plundered far more social/regular Royal Convoys than the requirement - and I just want to get every item possible.. So this is damn frustrating.
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    I unlocked it after about 7 plundered Royal Convoys and many others have had problems as well
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    I suppose I just have to keep on plundering those darn things, then
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    I just got it a couple hours ago. The annoying thing is actually finding a convoy that isn't glitched in some way. I'll try and help you as best as possible.

    - To make sure its not a glitched Royal Convoy the icon should be centered in the ship with the 'X' amount of Reales
    - It only counts if the Royal Convoy is shared or found by yourself
    - Make sure your signed in on PSN otherwise it might not count if it was a shared Convoy
    - If the icon still appears after the boarding, then its glitched and it will not count
    - You don't have to board the other ships in the convoy only the ship with 'X' Reales
    - There should be a notification on plundering the ship or on the main menu with the latest notifications
    - Having a bunch of friends online the single-player at once helps a lot but isn't necessary and I managed to cope with only 1 friend
    - Don't give it, it is designed to be time consuming

    I found 2/3 of my Royal Convoys outside the harbor of Kingston, just south-east of the entrance.

    Good luck, the figurehead is awesome.
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    Oh, that explains a LOT! As the RC icon stays when I board. Thanks - I will go hunt it down!

    Edit: Finally got it!
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    royal naval convoys

    do the royal naval convoys locations given by the barmen for 200R count?
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