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    Durendal100 presents - Forge of Champions

    Hello guys,

    The tournament is over:

    Here are some replays from top8(no commentary)

    And here you can find games for 3 place(people were crying about no commentary so i added some) and the final (no commentary music only)


    If someone want more replays just pm me and i can send them

    Thanks everyone for participating i hope you all had fun

    The final standings:


    1. GZMilky
    2. Sebouboubry
    3. Pawel999k
    4 Jkkk89
    5-8 Kanisterek, NocyFHaze_, IIIToTaLIII, eViperF2

    What is DOC missing right now?

    A draft format? - - - - - - Yes YEs YES!

    Thanks to Drejn87 for making such a great tool http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/734807

    So how will this tournament work?

    We will use that tool and draft our Decks (goodluck in getting Kelthor + ff + Vultures )
    Once each of participants got his deck, we will play in bracket

    How we can make decks and avoid cheating? - that one was hard to deal with. I came up with an idea:
    Using http://www.mikogo.com/ by this tool you will tell me your picks, once the deck is ready you gotta make it ingame - mikogo is a screenshare tool, make an account there, i will give you "ID session" when we will create deck
    So in order to play in this tournmament you actually need to have cards you draft. (i am not going to use Drejn Hamachi idea)

    How can we avoid cheating like "player using cards he didnt draft?" - i can send decklist of your opp after the game and you can check if he didnt cheat

    Some more details:

    - Max cap is 64 (may change if somehow more people would like to play)
    - Each round bo3
    - I will create a bracket on challonge, once i got a screenshot from the winner i will update the bracket (no screenshot no update) my email - Durendal100@wp.pl
    - We will start games 1 March(if any delay will happen i will let you guys know), I give 2 days to play each round. Once the bracket is updated you can start playing next round
    - If we will get very few Participants, i might change the rule above and we will play the whole tournament in 1 or 2 days
    - a minimum lvl to join tournament is 70 ( sorry i am tired of forum trolls signing in and not showing up later)
    - To join tournament just write "i am in" below
    - I am ingame everyday, so i will get in touch with each of you to draft your decks (if someone will stay forever offline and never have time to draft with me - no tournament for ya)
    - i am closing registration 1 march 22 30 cest
    I think thats pretty all, if someone got any question just ask guys

    My advice - Run few drafts yourself before final one with me. This way you will understand how this program works

    Currently in:

    1. CookLooksClan - deck drafted
    2. Jkkk89 - deck drafted!
    3. Allinim - deck drafted!
    4. Uraxor - deck drafted!
    5. Cytherslash - deck drafted!
    6. Lord_simplet - Deck drafted!
    7. deletuss - deck drafted!
    8. GZ.Milky - deck drafted!
    9. Carbo20 - deck drafted!
    10. LQDBrunt - deck drafted!
    11. SarethITA - deck drafted!
    12. Uottevar - deck drafted!
    13. guest-0RCtE5t1 - deck drafted!
    14. eViperF2 - deck drafted!
    15. zenithale - deck drafted!
    16. Freyjan - deck drafted!
    17. magr2 - deck drafted!
    18. Kinetic_42 - deck drafted!
    19. Ulpsz - deck drafted!
    20. trupiciel - deck drafted!
    21. LurifaxB - deck drafted!
    22. Mrh3 - deck drafted!
    23. PukinggoB - deck drafted!
    24. Knightbob69008 - deck drafted!
    25. sooxTIRED - deck drafted!
    26. Stormstomp - deck drafted!
    27. maly_drab - deck drafted!
    28. SoAmazinglyBad - deck drafted!
    29. Volkhar - deck drafted!
    30. roxiko - deck drafted!
    31. guest-fVDcHls3 - deck drafted!
    32, Sh0bu - deck drafted!
    33. Andaliel - deck drafted!
    34. xiomvegaa - deck drafted!
    35. asdfg1221 - deck drafted!
    36. T0mbery - deck drafted!
    37. janierozumiem - deck drafted!
    38. sebouboubry - deck drafted!
    39. Mitch.sp - deck drafted!
    40. Ludonith - deck drafted!
    41. v0ruj - deck drafted!
    42. IIIToTaLIII - deck drafted!
    43. Bond2King - deck drafted!
    44. pawel999k - deck drafted!
    45. Paul.Atreides. - deck drafted!
    46. Francois31750 - deck drafted!
    47. mazsparrow - deck drafted!
    48. DROZD3D - deck drafted!
    49. kanisterek - deck drafted!
    50. Izachiel - deck drafted!
    51. Kruuush - deck drafted!
    52. xRoni - deck drafted!
    53. xX-St0rmSt4r-Xx - deck drafted!
    54. Wingbai - deck drafted!
    55. flipo24 - deck drafted!
    56. Infernal_Wisdom - deck drafted!
    57. Vamoooos - deck drafted!
    58. Kroko. - deck drafted!
    59. Begpo_CnupTa - deck drafted!
    60. fufaru206 - deck drafted!
    61. m4xizoN - deck drafted!
    62. hectoring - deck drafted!
    63. KillVirgins - deck drafted!
    64. coshikipix - deck drafted!

    Guys i wasnt expecting so many people so those people below will be a backup list - if someone will not show up for phase 1 games i will replace him with person from backup ALSO if someone from 64 player will not draft a deck with me till 1 march 24 00 i will replace him with someone from backup list.

    The backup players are:

    1. Doyle28
    2. Ipwnfour
    3. Bazaltovy - deck drafted!
    4. NocyfHaze_ - deck drafted!
    5. Guiguital
    6. Searon3
    7. Bananero823
    8. dobekdobson
    9. SweetyBoobs

    Guys we are playing for some Crazy rewards!!! I just got delivery from Chaos Imps !

    1st place: 3 000 Seals + ingame Community Banner

    2nd place: 2 000 Seals

    3rd place: 1 000 Seals

    4th: 250 000 Gold

    5th: 100 000 Gold

    6th: 100 000 Gold

    7th: 100 000 Gold

    8th: 100 000 Gold
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    I am definetly in ^ ^
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    jkk89's Avatar First 1700 ELO! Hooah!
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    Sep 2013
    I am in! Great idea Durendal!
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    Allinim's Avatar Swiss Conqueror
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    Sep 2013
    I'm in aswell, let's play some Dire Wolfes
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    Uraxor's Avatar Heed the Call!
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    Nov 2012


    I'm in too.
    Can't play until after BtJ finals are through though. I'm sure you understand
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    CytherSlash's Avatar Member
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    May 2013
    i am in
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    LordSimplet's Avatar Duel of Champions Grandmaster
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    Aug 2013
    I am in.
    Finally a draft, could be really fun.
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    dyas1078's Avatar Junior Member
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    Jan 2014
    I'm in too! Thanks for this tournament durendal!
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    mmm durendal after some draws i see same decks "repeat" i think that is not working nice...
    Example: i pick belias and did a deck, then i tried new one, picked belias newly then same cards that other draft.
    Sorry for me english but i think u can understand that.
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    Originally Posted by umbrellastyle Go to original post
    mmm durendal after some draws i see same decks "repeat" i think that is not working nice...
    Example: i pick belias and did a deck, then i tried new one, picked belias newly then same cards that other draft.
    Sorry for me english but i think u can understand that.
    So far i drafted 3 decks for tournament. Each of them completely different But yes that program isnt perfect..... still best one we have atm
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