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    Just played ghost recon future soilder again and guess what the daily challenge feature still work on there despite it being older than blacklist and being on the uplay app closure faq list.
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    Nearly a year since the daily challenges stopped appearing on the xbox and still no fix.
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    Talked to them through twitter , they said we have to wait...
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    Originally Posted by II--KAMAL--II Go to original post
    Talked to them through twitter , they said we have to wait...
    They really do not care about their customers and Splinter Cell franchise anymore. Do not worry though because the next Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs games are about to be released with a shiny open world and more microtransactions. Also, do not forget about the mobile and VR games featuring Sam Fisher that we will be getting soon.
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    finally !!
    the challenges are online again , go and get your trophies now !!
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    I can't believe it. I already had given up on this one. Go get your trophies and rewards people before another server error appears! 😁
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