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    Yep, Need a fix for a Daily and Weekly Challenges.
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    Originally Posted by InfernalThe Go to original post
    Yep, Need a fix for a Daily and Weekly Challenges.
    Agreed. Also the gone dark missions as well.

    If ubisoft still want to sell this game on the xbox/psn store then it’s only right the game is 100% working.
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    So now I've sent to ubisoft support a ticket 5 months ago and every time they send me here to check if there are any updates on my case...

    Ubisoft please fix this problem, it's simple !!!
    It's not a big one !!! What the hell it's gonna happen if there is a bigger problem or issue with the game ?? What are you going to do????????????????
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    yea, doesn't work for me either..
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    Developers are working on the problem...

    For 4 months now if it's not more !! <\3
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    I bit if there's anyone working on this problem
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    All we would like is for them to fix the daily and spies vs mercs challenges and gone dark missions, they have done it mutiple times before why can’t they do it now? They fixed it last year as well. It’s not like we are asking for a big overhaul of the game.

    If they are just going to leave the game in a broken state then they should stop selling it on the digital stores or put a notice on the games page that several features are now unavailable.
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    SMI Daily / Weekly challenges and gone dark missions

    Hello Ubisoft... !!! You there ??!!!

    A lot of people waiting for this to be fixed
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    Yep, still waiting for a fix. It has been 8 months now...
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    Still waiting for some kind of official response that isn’t a lie. The other thread was almost certainly talking about something else and contacting support just yields that they are ‘actively investigating’ the issue.
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