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    Base Set Two Card List - Feedback Thread Event

    With the announcement of Base Set Two, we are looking for your thoughts and feelings toward the new card list. Below is a list of the cards that will be available in Base Set Two. Please feel free to give us your feedback and stream your analysis of the card list on TwitchTV. What strategies will be awesome? What do you feel is missing? Anything that seems out of place? For posting/streaming your thoughts, you may be selected to take part in the first ever Base Set Two preview tournament. This event will be held on February 22nd. To be selected, you must have posted your feedback / links to your feedback here in this thread.


    Will there be any new cards added to the new Base Set or is this only a reshuffling?

    There will be no new cards in Base Set Two, but a new series should be released shortly after. Simon has announced that the team is already working on it.

    Will there be any updated artwork to the cards?

    Not in Base Set Two. Stay tuned for more info on the next series.

    What will happen with Base Set One cards?

    Those cards will be considered as out of print but you will still be able to get them through the Altar of Wishes. The first base set is the only set that will be removed from the store once BS2 arrives. Void Rising will be the next set to rotate out, but the other expansions will still be available in the shop.

    Will the cards I purchase now be useless? Will I have to pay for cards in Base Set Two even if I've already owned the card in the past?

    You will be able to play all cards in the new Open format. Older cards that are still in BS2 will be still usable in the Standard format. There is no need to purchase a new copy of the card for play in Standard mode.

    Will new playing formats be available?

    Yes! There will be Standard (Base Set 2 and following series), Open (all cards) and Weekly. Weekly will consist of fun rules and restrictions such as only using commons.

    What will happen with Base Set One achievements?

    Achievements regarding “out of print” cards will be removed. We will add new achievements! If there are still Base Set One achievements you want to complete, now is the time to do it.

    Should I wait to spend my gold and seals?

    As there will be no new cards in Base Set Two, you can definitely still purchase what you want. All cards will be playable in Open format. Additionally, any cards you have now that are also in Base Set Two will still be usable.

    Which packs will be awarded by Swiss tournaments after the release of BS2?

    Currently, the reward for the Swiss tournament is always a pack from the latest expansion. This doesn't mean that the rewards will always stay like this, but there is currently no change planned for the next release.

    Which changes will this make to Jackpot and Swiss Tournaments?

    Format rotation. Some days tournaments will be Open format, some days will be Standard, and some days will use Weekly.

    Will the cards that players have invested time and money into become obsolete? Will older cards become banned in play?

    Absolutely not! Those cards will be usable in different tournament formats. Older cards that are still in B02 will be usable in the Standard format. No need to have the new copy.

    Will older cards still be available in packs? How will I acquire older cards?

    Base Set One will be removed from the Shop. We want new players to use B2 since it will be the Standard format. Overall, we feel it will bring a more diversified meta. People who really want out of print cards (Base Set One) will be able to get them through the Altar of Wishes. Still, it’s not impossible that one day we bring Base Set One cards back in the Shop.

    Will the UI update Sam Jobin hinted at during his Reddit AMA be included in this patch?

    Absolutely! This update is currently planned for the Base Set Two patch.

    Can we expect Draft to come with Base Set Two?

    No news yet. Simon has stated that if draft happens, it needs to be done right. More news as it becomes available.

    Any release schedule for Base Set Two?

    Simon has stated that late March is the current goal, but this could change based on feedback and tweaks to the set.


    NOTE: Cards colored in RED have been REMOVED from Base Set Two.

    Base Set Two Card List


    Academy: Arcane Orb
    Haven: Watchtower
    Inferno: Hall of Nightmares
    Necropolis: Soul Spire
    Sanctuary: Hidden Dojo
    Stronghold: War Tent



    Dragon Golem ---> Replaced by Rakshasa
    Spirit-Bound Djinn
    Wizard Apprentice
    Wizard Tutor
    Wizard Disciple
    Guardian Golem
    Obsidian Gargoyle
    Void-Tainted Djinn
    Shantiri Titan
    Rakshasa Scout
    Surging Titan
    Dervish Master
    Nur, Spellweaver
    Sentinel of the Ages
    Rakshasa Skirmisher


    Imperial Guard
    Imperial Crossbowman
    Loyal Griffin
    Radiant Glory ---> Replaced by Sun Rider
    Elite Squire
    Wolf Praetorian
    Wolf Justicar
    Griffin Marksman
    Griffin Knight
    Griffin Battle Priest
    Angel of Mercy
    Crusader Commander
    Crusader Watchman
    Crusader Treasurer
    Scattershot Marksman
    Crusader Chaplain
    Anael, Angel of Redemption
    Crusader Sergeant
    Vindicator ---> Replaced by Tithe Collector
    Crusader Vanguard


    Doom Bringer
    Hellfire Imp
    Hellfire Cerberus
    Caller of the Void
    Hellfire Bloater
    Hellfire Slave
    Chaos Lacerator
    Hellfire Maniac
    Chaos Seer
    Void Arbiter
    Lurker in the Dark
    Lashing Lilim
    Abyssal Worm
    Fate Bender
    Reborn Incubus


    The Banshee
    Atropos, Weaver of the Dead
    Fate Weaver
    Vampire Lord
    Lingering Ghost
    Wretched Ghoul
    Neophyte Lich
    Putrid Lamasu
    Vengeful Spectre
    Vampire Knight
    Plague Zombie
    Moonsilk Skeleton
    Moonsilk Spinner
    Fate Sealer ---> Replaced by Vampire Assassin
    Hangman Tree
    Untamed Wraith
    Namtaru Channeler
    Decay Spitter
    Plague Bearer
    Undead Minotaur
    Scavenger Ratkin


    Kappa ---> Replaced by Naga Yokujin
    Pearl Priestess ---> Replaced by Naga Tide Master
    Shark Guard
    Snow Maiden
    Spring Spirit
    Coral Priestess
    Deep Mountain Yeti
    Kabuki Tei
    Shinje Warrior
    Stream Singer
    Venerable Kappa ---> Replaced by White Fox
    Sayama Champion
    Sayama Warden
    Raya, Sibilant Seductress
    Silver Bowl Spirit
    Sand Kame ---> Replaced by Wanizame


    Wyvern Rider
    Ranaar Harpy
    Centaur Archer
    Enraged Cyclops
    Panther Warrior
    Goblin Scout
    Goblin Hunter
    Blackskull Warchanter
    Blackskull Goblin
    Blackskull Vulture Rider ---> Replaced by Raging Smasher
    Blackskull Clan Warlord
    War Oliphant
    Blackskull Centaur
    Blackskull Shredder
    Bloodfrenzied Wyvern
    Blackskull Cyclops
    Blackskull Spellsmasher
    Blackskull Crusher
    Sahaar Brute ---> Replaced by Cyclops Brawler
    Sahaar Orc


    Sea Elf Archer
    Lesser Air Elemental
    Lesser Fire Elemental
    Angry Wyvern
    Black Vulture
    Blind Brother ---> Replaced by Wandering Bard
    Greater Fire Elemental
    Void Wraith
    Greater Earth Elemental
    Greater Air Elemental
    Moon Phoenix
    Sahaar Skirmisher
    Greater Water Elemental
    Lesser Light Elemental


    Rise of the Nethermancer
    Day of Fortune
    Week of Knowledge
    Week of the Dead
    Week of the Mercenaries
    Week of the Weaponsmiths
    Day of the Sanctuary
    Hail Storm
    Cosmic Balance
    Time of War
    Night of the Rising Moon
    The Great Hunt



    Favorite Spell
    Severed Fate
    Forgotten Spell
    Rift's Echo
    Chain Casting
    Offering to the Void
    Arcane Intuition
    Memory Lapse


    Cassandra's Imperial Devotion
    Fountain of Youth
    Tree of Truth
    Truce of Elrath
    Offensive Stance
    Morgan's Inspiration
    Favor of the Just


    Garant's Purge
    Hall of Torment
    Halls of Amnesia
    Maws of Chaos
    Void Judgment
    Dunes of Madness
    Gate to Sheogh
    Phrias' Gift


    Seria's Legion
    Ariana's Lair
    Early Grave
    Seria's Last Order
    Death is Not the End
    Soul Harvest


    Challenge Hall
    Yukiko's Shrine
    The Frozen Maze
    Battle Trance
    Road to Enlightenment
    Honor Binds Us
    Noboru's Insight


    Sacrificial Altar
    Surprise Attack
    Zefiria's Celerity
    Famous Last Blows


    Gold Pile ---> Replaced by Campfire
    Arcane Academy
    Stolen Supplies ---> Replaced by Broken Bridge
    Forgotten Cave
    Revised Tactics
    Altar of Wishes
    Fortune Telling
    Volunteers ---> Replaced by Altar of Asha
    Time Of Need
    The Price of the Void
    Architect's Wonder



    Hakeem, Seeker of Mysteries
    Asalah, Invoker of Castigation
    Myranda, Blademage Champion
    Akane, Caller of Memories


    Cassandra, Seeker of Light
    Alia, Caller of Faith


    Garant, Seeker of Discord
    Kal-Azaar, Invoker of Agony
    Dhamiria, Caller of Madness


    Seria, Seeker of the Lost Souls
    Mother Namtaru, Invoker of Death
    Fleshbane, Champion of the Misshapen
    Ariana of the Severed Fates


    Yukiko, Seeker of Honour
    Takana Osore, Champion of the Tides
    Noboru, Caller of Twilight


    Kat, Seeker of Freedom
    Shaar, Invoker of the Skies
    Zardoc, Caller of Valor



    Chain Lightning
    Lightning Bolt
    Lifting Wind
    Sand Storm
    Air Trap
    Homebound Winds
    Forked Lightning ---> Replaced by Father Sky's Wrath
    Thunder Weapon
    Ylath's Breath


    Curse of the Netherworld
    Death Seal
    Moonsilk Fetters
    Shared Agony
    Cursed Bound
    Moonsilk Strand


    Insect Swarm
    Mass Regeneration
    Stone Shield
    Poisonous Bulb
    Earth Bound
    Sylvanna's Embrace
    Deep Roots
    Symbiotic Barkskin


    Fire Bolt
    Fire Shield
    Inner Fire
    Fiery Death
    Fire Blast
    Mass Rage
    Lava Stream


    Cleansing Light
    Divine Intervention
    Guardian Angel
    Aura of Healing
    Lay of Hands
    Elrath's Protection
    Chain Heal ---> Replaced by Word of Light


    Dispel Magic
    Time Jump
    Town Portal
    Mass Dispel
    Minor Recall
    Spirited Away
    Void Ripple
    Nether Curse


    Ice Spikes
    Icy Weapon
    Ice Shell
    Cold Fear
    Focused Mind
    Ink Warrior
    Shalassa's Blade
    Ice Armour
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    Let me start my review/feedback:

    Buildings - pretty good, excluded unique ones and added representative of building type to BS2. Good work.

    Creatures -
    - 3 drop slot is a bit off. There are only two phased guys. I would swap Wizard Disciple for Rakshasa or Unstable Djin as second option if you don't like Rakshasa one.
    - Maybe include Taweret Warrior as another 5might requirement creature. It might see play in standard as it sure won't see in open format (any time soon). Am not 100% sure what to exclude, but either Sentinel of the Ages as it is only 6might req for now and it will more likely see play in open (more future potential there also) or go for Djinn, Titan or Obsidian Gargoyle. Maybe Obsidian Gargoyle is best choice because spells are nerfed and you may include some similar 'counter' vs. spell in future sets.

    - Let me suggest heresy here. Exclude Radiant Glory. I am serious. Explanation: Radiant Glory is just to good. So far Haven is pretty destroyed and it will need new expansion to get back on foot. Than kill it with Glory also, so in future we have more diverse Haven. Note to all Haven players that want to kill me now, I am Haven player also! :P
    What to include - Sun Rider maybe or Wolf Marksman. Or maybe even Wolf Guard as 2 drop is more lacking than 3.

    - Lurker in the Dark seems to be too strong of a card to get back to BS2. Keep him away! I would like to see Demented instead! Or even Gated Demon?
    - I would exclude either Cerberus or Hellfire Cerberus for something else as 3 drop is clogged. I presume you don't want Lilim or Ravager and I see why, but maybe Ur-Khrag Enforcer or Hellfire Juggernaut even (or even Gated Demon).
    -Abyssal Worm vs Abyssal Lord - I feel uneasy, but I guess you did right choice.

    - Would like to see Hangmen Tree out and Trapper Spider in. Though I might be wrong here...
    - Necro has more creatures than some other factions, so I would exclude Vampire Lord or Fate Weaver. (or both for Ghost Dragon)

    - Include Waterfall Guardians exclude Unmei-Kami.
    - Include Naga Yokujin, exclude Snow Maiden.
    - Raya vs Naorai Seirsa was possibly mistake to include Raya.
    - Exclude Perl Priestess for Naga Tide Master maybe?

    Boy, oh boy... Keep all enrage guys and say night, night to Kelthor. Disregarding that there are a lot of strange choices here...
    - Centaur Archer vs Erg Hunter is bit of a question, but I think you made good choice.
    - Blackskull Goblin should be excluded.
    - Enraged Cyclops should be excluded.
    - Blackskull Vulture Rider should be excluded.
    - Sahaar Hunter should be included.

    - Dark Wood Treant should maybe be included.
    - I don't see much use on Greater Water Elemental - it just seems as waste of spot. Drop it?

    Events -
    - Rise of the Nethermancer was mistake that made for other mistakes and I don't think that it should be included if you like to experiment anything with Graveyard in new standard format.
    - Month of the Dancing Flame and Market of Shadows should possibly be in.
    - Day of Fortune can be cut.

    Fortunes -
    - Rift's Echo should be changed for Void Tainted Ritual.
    - Crimson Bond should be considered.
    - Maybe Conversion to the Void instead of Severed Fate?

    - Offensive Stance should go out, Fortified Outpost should go in.
    - Stockpile also not worth it, but ok let it be crap rare...

    - Halls of Amnesia and Maws of Chaos should go out for Twist of Fate and Pleasure in Pain.
    - Dunes of Madness is just that much of a crap that it shouldn't be in. Instead put in Pit of Hate or House of Madness.

    note: I am sad that Altar of Destruction is not included. Rare source of direct damage. Still thinking of that vs Hall of Torment...

    - Ariana's Lair should be excluded if you decide to keep Rise of the Nethermancer event out.
    - Exclude Soul Harvest for A life for a Life (or does that make Necro to strong?).

    -Everything ok... maybe include Underwater Fortress (for Challenge Hall or Noboru's Insight)?

    - Add Blood Shaman Hut or Blood Pool for some of extra creatures this faction has.

    - Decent choices. Maybe Broken Bridge would be ok? Instead one tutor?

    Heroes - Done ok. (maybe Nergal instead of Mother)

    Spells -
    - Maybe Storm Wind instead of Lifting Wind, but am ok if stays the same.

    Dark: Done ok.

    - Exclude Poisonous Bulb for something meaningless but more cool for new players like Venomous Touch.
    - Include Poison Cloud. Maybe instead of Poisonous Bulb, Earth Bound, Sylvanna's Embrace or Mass Regeneration.

    - Include Frenzy instead of Fiery Death or Fire Shield.

    - So Light gets Martyr, Guardian Angel, Aura of Healing and Chain Heal? I call OP here!
    - No Sunburst, no Word of Light, not even a freaking Divine Judgement and no Celestial Armour (though I think I know why Celestial Armour didn't make the cut...)

    Either you don't want to give Light school damage spells in future (like ever) or mix things a bit here!

    - Maybe Teleport here is too much and should be switched for Slow, but I might be off the target here by miles...

    Water: Done ok.

    Wow, this was long! Congratulations to all those that read it :P

    ps. To slow ZergRusher :P
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    Short look at haven (T1: Sandalphon, Cassandra).

    Sandalphon won't be present in the BS2.

    Let's take a look at the Cassandra deck (missing cards in the red):

    1x Cassandra, Seeker of Light

    Events (8):
    4x Mana Storm
    4x Week of Training

    Creatures (25):
    1x Anael, Angel of Redemption
    4x Crusader Treasurer
    4x Crusader Watchman
    1x Griffin Knight
    1x Holy Praetorian
    3x Loyal Griffin
    1x Pao Deathseeker
    4x Radiant Glory
    2x Soothsayer
    4x Wolf Captain

    Fortunes (25):
    1x Altar of Asha
    3x Broken Bridge
    4x Campfire

    1x Cassandra's Imperial Devotion
    3x Cosmic Realignment
    2x Cosmic Singularity
    4x Pillage

    1x Prison
    1x Revised Tactics
    4x River of Gems
    1x Wasteland

    no Wolf Captain: it's kinda correct because Wolf Captains were a mistake. On the other hand they were reasons why they were added - haven was UP. I'm afraid that w/o WC haven will become one of the weakest factions.

    looking at the list im scared. Haven look very, very weak. I really think you overdid it. Haven is way too weak

    and Haven absolutely needs Collectors. Playing w/o 1-drop will only strengthen the discussion about going 2-cd advantage.

    Fortunes looks very weak. Why Broken Bridge was excluded?

    A couple of thoughts:
    - Lurkers w/o Strikes might be too strong
    - Haven has no 1-drops (that i would even consider playing)

    top heroes: Dhamiria, Zardoc and sb from Necro
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    Let's look on the bright side, at least poisonous bulb survived, would have been completely lost without that spell.

    Looking forward to trying immolation decks in BS2 though, with the reduction in board wipes and some creatures dealing fire damage it seems like fire elementals will be quite a bit more useful.

    I think the card I'm going to miss the most is going to be Djinn Mentor, don't think my high requirement Academy decks can possibly work without them.
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    Can you give me back my 3k seals for ishuma, Ubi? Btw nice move, put really expensive card into shop, and dont reprint
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    I have a big issue with this move from them.
    I spent a lot of time and money getting some cards and now they wont be valid to play in standard format!

    Sorry but Id like a refund on the seals I bought.

    Added to that it seem they kept a LOT of cards that no one uses, Air trap for instance.
    But they cut great cards that are not unbalanced instead.

    Huh that makes no sense what so ever.
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    Can't believe they kept Hakeem.
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    At least we can use all of our cards in Open format.
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    Originally Posted by x.Lykan.x Go to original post
    Can't believe they kept Hakeem.
    And they drop Kelthor and Sandalphon.
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    Originally Posted by x.Lykan.x Go to original post
    Can't believe they kept Hakeem.
    I don't see the problem, a lot of cards that were included in Hakeem deck are missing. Puppet Masters, Shadow Images, some fortunes, Unique spells, all are gone... I don't see him as problematic.

    Originally Posted by zazoo_1 Go to original post
    I have a big issue with this move from them.
    I spent a lot of time and money getting some cards and now they wont be valid to play in standard format!

    Sorry but Id like a refund on the seals I bought.

    Added to that it seem they kept a LOT of cards that no one uses, Air trap for instance.
    But they cut great cards that are not unbalanced instead.

    Huh that makes no sense what so ever.
    They are available in the open format, so I don't see the problem really... The tournament will be in standard or open format depending from day to day, so people will still play both formats.
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