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    Shadow Dragon texture seems to be crashed

    Ok, I bought the game on Uplay, and after playing a bit, I went to a dangerous cave, entered in it, and encountered a Shadow Dragon, that seemed not right to me. Here is the pics:

    Right after the Shadow D. appears:

    Getting closer:

    Turning the camera to both lateral directions:

    After checking the High Dynamic Range on video options, I got this:

    So, any idea of what could solve this?

    Thanks for your attention.
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    He is fine for me .. try another graphic details settings
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    I have the same bug with all shadow's creatures. Modify graphic options doesn't solve problem.
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    I have exactly the same problem with the shadow creatures. Shadow dragon, assassin, stalker, dark wizard... etc.

    Funny thing is on the beastiary page they look absolutely fine! It's just in the game they're all green.

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    Strange, have you opened a ticket with Technical Support? https://support.ubi.com
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    I had this too once. All I needed to do was reload though...
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    Well, at least now I know Im not alone on this bug. I will open another post to be more precise and wider, because is like you all said: all shadow creatures seem to have this kind of bug.
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