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    Social Chest Help

    I need help in finding one social chest, I've found the one Kingston's second Island and the tower of 1 castle in Nassau I think. I don't have internet at home and only playing it online at sisters house, I have completed the game at 95% overall but want to be able to achieve 100.

    Blue whales and Royal Convoys appeared as normal.

    My ps3 account is madman82 and will be back online on tuesday.
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    The social chests, like the whales and convoys, are random. They don't always appear in the same places. You have to find them by exploring and then their locations will be shared with your friends. You only have a few hours to find them. So I suggest keeping an eye on the threads here where people are sharing social events' coordinates as they appear.
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    It did take me over 3 days to find social chest , after the patch 1.05 was released witch have fixed the social events .
    In that time I fund plenty royal convoys and White Whales , but chests are much rare and hard to find .
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    the icon for chests doesn't appear on the minimap until you are right on top of the chest (at least, that is how it is for me. On PS3). Try looking here to search for locations: http://www.jp.guihard.net/IMG/jpg/map-social-events.jpg <--- this map isn't 100% correct, at least for chests. Good for whales and convoys, though
    I found 4 today, but my game isn't registering them so the governor outfit still isn't unlocked. >
    The chests are about the same size as regular treasure chests, but they are a much darker brown (like the smuggler chests). I have an easier time getting Royal convoys and White whales than I do finding the chests.
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    One that I've found multiple times is at your hideout (Great Inagua), in the bedroom, right under the window. I think I've collected that one more than 10 times.
    Found quite a few in Long Bay as well, near both viewpoints.
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    Wish you luck in finding it!
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    here you are

    White Whale (888,130) 04:30:00 remaining
    Social Chest (845,468) Great Inagua, on the beach next to rowing boat, 1:32 remaining

    CHEST!! 240,607 3:10 remaining.

    Go to VP north of warehouse in Havana (southeast corner) jump into hay. Hop out towards fountain.Turn left thru doorway (opposite fountain). Turn left immediately. It's right in front of you at the corner.
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    I'm having the same trouble, and I've checked my internet connection, changed my password, turned off my system (ps3), and just wandered for hours. I think my problem is that none of my friends are playing ac4, or they're having the same trouble. would anyone who finds chests often mind adding me?? taylorLrice
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    social chest..

    First of all just want to say awesome game and good work from all of ubisoft and the support team but I'm having major issues with the social chest. I've completed the game 96% and on my second run 80% I believe but I still find myself just aimlessly wondering the seas and island looking for the social chest I heard it doesn't matter how many friends you have playing is this true Mr. Shade? I have no trouble with internet connection or connection to console and it says its only available for a limited time, If time runs out can we never get the Trophy or achievement? Its a good way to keep people playing but for me it makes me not want to play if there's no reward Just wondering aimlessly at the end in my opinion.
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    Been playing for close to 80 hours and only found one and got lucky cuz it was on a small island with a normal chest. Found several convoys or whales, i don't have friends that plays this game so i don't think that matters.

    I have pretty much discovered all the places and i mainly have main missions left so i don't think i'll try 100% if i have to wander around hopelessly and in vain.

    But if i do happen to find something i will post here immediately and people stil playing should do the same so we help each other out. Long bay and the hideout or two places thats i remember someone saying he found there often, i need to go to long bay since i didnt get everything during the main mission so we'll see
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